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These are my books that are currently available:

The Dragonprince’s Legacy

Taming Fire CoverThe Dragonprince’s Legacy is the bestselling fantasy story of Daven Carrickson, a humble shepherd who experiences firsthand the cataclysmic waking of the dragons, and fights men and monsters for humanity’s survival.
There are currently three books available in this series.

You can get started on this series with Taming Fire, or grab the complete original trilogy in one volume.

More Stories from the World of the FirstKing

The Dragonprince’s Legacy continues after The Dragonswarm with a series of novellas that will eventually be collected as The Dragonprince’s Arrows and The Dragonprince’s Blades. The first of those stories is already available as A Darkness in the East.

I have two other short stories related (if obliquely) to the cataclysmic dragonswarms that underpin the Dragonprince series.

I also have another short story from the same universe, focusing on a different era altogether (and a whole new magic system). Grab a copy of the first issue of our anthology, A Consortium of Worlds, and look for “The Bloodshield Betrayal.”

The Godlanders War

The Dreams of a Dying God CoverIf you’ve already read all the dragonswarm stuff, I’ve got another whole universe of fantasy to offer. The World of Auric features a brand new genre, “superhero fantasy,” where larger-than-life adventurers battle sinister supervillains in a setting that is pure, epic fantasy. Discover the mysteries of this magical world along with the dashing pirate captain Corin Hugh as he accidentally steps into the dreams of a dying god. Things only get weirder from there.

That’s just the first of three trilogies in the epic Godlanders War series. The next trilogy will follow the rise of King Auric, starting with The Crown of a Common King. While you’re waiting, you can learn more about the amazing characters who make this series so fun in a handful of short stories set in the same world.

The Ghost Targets mysteries

Surveillance CoverThe Ghost Targets mysteries are sci-fi novels exploring a near-future world with perfect universal surveillance. Or…almost perfect.

We abandoned privacy and turned databases into something like gods. They listened to our prayers. They met our needs and blessed us with new riches. They watched over us, protected us, and punished the wicked. We almost made a paradise.

There are currently four books available in this series.

Get started with Surveillance.

24 thoughts on “Books

  1. michael

    Just read you first two books over the past week. Sorry to read each so quickky considering each one took year. But now I’m hooked – when will the third book release and will it be out on kindle?

    1. Aaron Pogue Post author

      Hey, Michael! Thanks for asking. The third book will be out in June, and it’ll definitely be available on Kindle. In fact, it’ll probably be on Kindle first.

      If you watch this page (or subscribe to my author page on Facebook), you might even be able to get an Advance Reading Copy of book three. I’m hoping to have some available mid-May.

  2. Randal

    Just finished The Dragonswarm. What a page turner! I quite enjoyed it and I look forard to June so I can do it again. This series realy is a great story.

  3. Jason

    I’ve always felt that fantasy novels were a waste of time, until a year ago when I started to read them exclusively. It started with some of the legends in this genre like lord of the rings and such, but it has progressed to a large verity of other novels. I’ve waited for the second book, and now I’m waiting for the third. even though I don’t consider myself a full fledged connoisseur in this matter just yet, but your novels are amazing by all regards. I found the second novel to be amazing and thrilling. I just feel hurt to know that financial issues are a burden to you that the modern pop culture is trying its best to force you under its meaningless grasp. That the teenage society of readers only view vampires and werewolves as any importance. I hope the third book is released soon, that the troubles you’ve been facing won’t destroy a legend in the making

    1. Rachel

      Hi! Well, can I just say that as a budding author myself your writing voice is superb? It is fantastic and I love the inner struggle in Daven that started the minute Taming FIre started. I loved Dragon Swarm especially because I have a particular weakness to really BA characters that are extremely powerful but also really vulnerable, In so many words I wish I could write like you and that I gulped down Taming Fire in two days and eagerly devoured (Much like a dragon at its prey) Dragon Swarm in under a day. I cannot believe the rich back ground of the FirstKing and all the legends and lore surrounding your world. The power of the dragons is certainly evident. I must say, sir…You are a fantastic fantasy novelist and I am honored to number in the ranks of your adoring fans.

  4. Zac

    Looking forward to book 3 just finished re reading book 1&2 can’t wait till third hoping it to be out in few days.
    Can I have a date for it on kindle if I has one yet greatly appreciated.

  5. Steven

    I just started Taming Fire, and it is amazing so far. I’m curious, do you have a pronunciation guide somewhere?

    1. Aaron Pogue Post author

      Thanks, Steven!

      Man…I don’t have a pronunciation guide, but it’d be a good idea, huh?

      Here’s the short form:

      • Daven takes a short A (as you might pronounce “Davven”)
      • Make everything else sound vaguely French (so don’t pronounce the S on “Terrailles,” pretend “Chantire” is spelled “Shonteer,” and soften all the AIs and AEs).
      • When you meet Vech…just think of him as Vech.
      1. Steven

        Oh, good to know! I’ve been pronouncing his name like David but ending with an N…so it actually rhymes with Gavin. I think a pronunciation guide would help. How do you pronounce Claighan?

  6. dominick caputo

    I Read the first two books in the DragonPrince trilogy during spring of this year and summer of this year, then yesterday on my long and boring ride from Austin Tx to Lubbock Tx, I decided to see if the third book had been released and thankfully it was. I bought the ebook and read the entire 6 hour car ride. I just finished it and am very pleased with the way you wrapped up the series. Not necessarily how i would have liked it to end, but are books ever meant to be what people want? Thought you did a great job and am looking forward to the things you said were in store in the back of the ebook. Thanks for this great series

  7. alliee smith

    i have read all three of your books and absolutely LOVE them. thank you for all the time and effort that you’ve put into them xxx this book made me feel alive and actually part of the story.
    i just have one question for you – what happened to all the people of terrailles including isabelles dad??????

  8. Walter Craig

    I read about 80 books a year and they are all in the fantasy genre. You create a vivid experience for the minds eye. Thank you. I am currently on #2 and wanted to buy #3. Is it only available in a trilogy format or can i get an ebook of just #3. Also I see the next one available is #7? Where are 4, 5, and 6?

    1. Aaron Pogue Post author

      Thanks for much for the kind words, Walter!

      As far as your question goes…I tried to come up with a simple and straightforward answer, and there’s really not one. So instead, I wrote you a blog post.

  9. Dan

    Aaron, I read the trilogy during a tour in Afghanistan and found it very read-worthy and loved the plot line. I, as many others suffered from the “what the heck” factor when we jumped froward so quickly. Even still, I read all three of thebooks in the course of a couple of weeks. (I did have to work sometimes). I was anxiously waiting for additions material, and while checking on Amazon for them I found your page. I read the blog spot you made regarding the “order” of the books. Do you have any intentions of laying a path way for the 10 smaller works to lead into The Dragons Princes Heir? In other words creating an epic out of the whole hodge podge. I just purchased From Embers, and plan on enjoying most of it tonight. Keep up the good work. (Also, YAY for Public Domain. I have no use for it..but its cool that you decided to go that route!)

    1. Aaron Pogue Post author

      Hey, Dan! Thanks for posting, and thank you for your service!

      I do plan to put the novellas together into collections (two, actually), and they’re very deliberately designed to work as a set to advance the story. I feel like someone picking up The Dragonprince’s Arrows and reading all five stories in order will get a fairly cohesive feel and a very clear picture of everything that transpired at the Tower during the first year of the dragonswarm.

      That’s my goal, anyway. You’ll have to let me know how I did. I’m working on the second novella right now, and hope to get several of them knocked out this summer.

  10. Craig

    I first picked up the Dragonswarm saga on Amazon chasing a quick read. It was an intriguing story, exactly what I was expecting in a cheap read. Good, but I wouldn’t have said great. I picked up your Godlanders books sometime later, and wanted to say that it was a great read. The main character had real depth, the story and world are well developed and thought out. Well done and can’t wait to see the end of the story.

    1. Aaron Pogue Post author

      Thanks so much, Craig! I’ve just delivered the final edits on book three in that series, and it’ll be coming out in May. I’ve had an awful lot of fun writing those characters!

  11. BlackMombo

    When are more dragonprince novels coming out, so far only a darkness in the east has been released:( it makes me upset

  12. Saundra Freeman

    I am a 71 grandmother and I just finished reading Book1 of Taming Fire and can’t wait to get Book2. I love your imagination and love the relationship between Daven and the Dragon. Thank you for such a good read.

  13. Paul Anderson

    I listened to the first two Dragonprince books on audible, but the third is not available in audio. Is there going to be an audio version of Dragonprince’s Heir?

  14. Ryan Mombourquette

    Hey Aaron,
    The Dragonprince series is my all time favourite read, I’ve gone through the series 5-6 times and it only gets better each time I read it. My only question is, when are the rest of the arrows and blades coming out?


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