Journal Entry

I can’t say it was good to be back to work, but I had a good day nonetheless. As you saw, I had time to do an update for the weekend. I also had some time to take a lunch at Taco Bell, and got four or five pages written on Royal Holiday.

Here’s what I have left: sprint to the docks, Corin scene, pirate scene, brawl scene (straight from the movie, with all ending up in the river), escape scene, full disclosure in an alley outside the palace (also straight from the movie), the Commission of the Swords the following morning (adapted from the movie, but with a much happier ending), and then the words “The End.”

That’s it! Not so bad. I discovered today that I’ve been writing Royal Holiday at exactly the same pace I used for Sleeping Kings, and then I immediately wished that I’d been publishing it in the same way. I miss the feedback, and the format. Anyway, it’s nearly done and I should have it available for review shortly. You can all expect a big homework assignment when that’s done.

Yeah, but most of my day was spent on research and paperwork. I’ve got to get a bunch of Safety Risk Management documents done, or planes are going to start falling out of the sky. (No, not really).

After work, I stopped by the chiropractor and he made me feel less bad (I wouldn’t go so far as to say “good”). Then home to play with the baby and chat with T– until she left to pick us up a pizza from Mazzio’s. It was fantastically good.

Then we got the old band back together to get Dad his mount in Scholo. We packed 323 levels worth of characters (and 13 years of combined gameplay experience) into a Scholo run that only took us to Rattlegore. Umm…for everyone who hasn’t tried that, it’s basically the equivalent of pitting OU’s football team against Utah State. Anyway, it was fun. Still took two hours because the event is slow-paced, but we all had a good time.

That took until 9:30, and then D– and I went for a walk. One of his friends is starting to make noises about a business idea that will develop into what NewMyth was. So I’m trying to decide whether to get all excited about it again and bring that guy in, or review my depressing list of Reasons It Won’t Work, and then email him a copy.

Anyway, that was an hour walk, and then I came home and wrote a description of a boring weekday that ran longer than my review of a pretty eventful weekend. Go figure. I’m off to bed.