Journal Entry: August 13, 2008

Yesterday after work, I was still hurting too bad to go back to the gym, and AB was still sick anyway. We don’t much want to take her up to childcare when she’s not feeling well.

Anyway, I decided to stay home, and when I called D– to check on his schedule, he said he had enough stuff to take care of that he wouldn’t be coming over (so no Civ). So I played with AB for a while, and T– ran up to McDonald’s to grab us some dinner, and then we ended up watching Boston Legal for most of the night. I messed around some with Civ, making up a mod based on Sleeping Kings so I can play the game as Josh or Nate or Sarah (instead of Benjamin Franklin or Hannibal or something boring like that).

One of the things they added in Civ 4 was unique units for each civilization, so the Germans have the Panzer (which replaces the basic Tank) and the Americans have the NAVY Seal (which replaces the basic Marine) and so forth. Then in the latest expansion, Beyond the Sword, they took that one step further and added unqiue buildings (so for the Americans, the Mall replaces the Supermarket, and so on). Well, anyway, when I made my new Leaders I also had to make a new civilization to associate them with. I called it Sleeping Kings, and just borrowed most of the features of the Americans, but I decided to go ahead and make a unique unit and building.

I gave them a unit called “Hiz-Ammat Cultist” which looks like an Islamic Missionary (an actual unit in the game) and can travel freely through enemy territory, but has the ability to sabotage building production and destroy buildings in enemy cities, undetected. Pretty appropriate, I thought. Then I went ahead and replaced the Hospital with a Sanctuary Hospital that is slightly more effective than a regular one and also reduces War Weariness. That last part only makes sense if you’ve read Sarah’s story, but really, who besides T– and N– reads this blog?

I guess to those two it doesn’t make sense either, because they don’t play the game. Anyway, the point is I had a lot of fun with Civ last night without actually playing it any. Which is, all by itself, pretty lame, but you know what? Shut up.

Went to bed around 10:00, and still woke up late this morning. Stupid medication.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.