Journal Entry: July 14, 2008

I had a busy weekend.

Friday after work, I stopped in to get a haircut, and my stylist told me she’d been pushing our Tulsa house. She said, by coincidence, she’d encountered five or six people in the last couple months planning to move to Tulsa, and she’d told them all, “I have the perfect house for you!” She hasn’t seen it, knows nothing about it, but she’s been trying to sell it for us. I told her she was doing a better job promoting the house than our realtor.

Afterward D– joined us for dinner at Poblano’s (because Texas Roadhouse kept hanging up on us), and then we all met K– and N– at the Cold Stone Creamery in the mall for some ice cream, then we headed back to our place and watched Adventures in Babysitting — my first pick in our 80s Movies Review.

It went over pretty well. K– was no impressed, going into it, and I never really got a good opinion from him afterward, but for the rest of us, I think it was everything we remembered it being. I enjoyed it, anyway.

That made for a relatively late night. Then Saturday T– and I watched some Boston Legal, D– came over in the afternoon to play some HeroScape, and of course Saturday night we went to see Jim Gaffigan perform at the Rose State Performing Arts Center. Beforehand, we met Toby and Gwyn at Old Chicago and had some delicious (if hurried) pizza. Then Jim was funnier than I really expected, with mostly new material, and it was quite an experience seeing it in person. I basically didn’t stop laughing for about an hour and a half. Good stuff.

Sunday morning I didn’t feel like dealing with society, so I stayed home while T– went to church. There was a pot luck fellowship afterward, which T– and K– and N– planned to attend for lunch, so I called D– up around 11:00 and he and I ran down to Freddy’s to eat. We were back at the house being lazy when T– got home. She put AB down for a nap, and then we spent the early afternoon watching Arrested Development. Then D– and I made a run for snowcones, and we picked up his copy of Hellboy while we were out, and we spent the rest of the afternoon watching that.

As soon as the credits rolled, T– and I ran out the door to get to evening services on time (or, as it turned out, five minutes late). They’re doing a video series on Sunday nights put on by the minister T– liked so much in Tulsa, and they said there was going to be a staffed nursery, so it seemed like a really good idea. When we got there, we found the nursery unstaffed (probably because no kids had shown up in time), so we took AB in with us, but that didn’t last long. I volunteered to watch her, and took her back to the nursery, so I spent most of the next hour watching her play and fetching toys off high shelves at her insistence. Man, that baby can’t really speak yet, but she can jab a finger with true eloquence.

After church, K– and N– came over for chili dogs, and we found D– still on our couch, so we fed him too. We turned on an Arrested Development, middle of season two, and watched that while we ate. K– and N–, who have never watched the series, were not impressed. The rest of us rolled, though, and after K– and N– went home we watched six more episodes, discussing after each how much better or worse that one might have been to show them.

I got to bed around 10:40, and got to sleep some time around 1:00, although I probably spent some time snoring before then.

Then this morning I drove the Saturn to work, because T– had business in Tulsa and we knew the Saturn was having some problems with its tires. Specifically tread separation, and I didn’t want to see T– stranded on the side of the interstate.

You never want to drive on separating treads, but tires aren’t exactly cheap, either, so I probably would have let her drive around town with those tires for another week or two, if I hadn’t driven the car today. I had no idea it was so bad. It was like driving down a rough dirt road, with all the bouncing and jostling. Ugh. So I took my lunch break and ran up to Wal-Mart for a new tire — and learned I needed two, and they showed me the splits on the tires they’d taken off. I was lucky to make it into work this morning without having to change a tire.

So, bah, that’s basically the same problem on both of our cars, within a two week window. I could live without that sort of thing.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.