Journal Entry: January 26, 2009

Bah, another long recap.

Last Tuesday morning while I was at work, T– called me to tell me our refrigerator wasn’t working. She’d opened the freezer and found condensation on the ice bucket. She picked up some dry ice during the day, and the refrigerator finally started going again, but we’d been meaning to get a new one for a while (although up until then it had been for convenience reasons, not need).

So Tuesday night we went out refrigerator shopping while D– watched AB. We found one we liked at Lowe’s, but they didn’t have it in stock. We shopped until 8-ish, then took some dinner home to D–, and watched some TV while I tried (unsuccessfully) to find some user reviews of the model we’d picked out.

Then Wednesday morning, while I was at work, T– called to tell me she’d gone to another Lowe’s in town, and they had one in stock, and they said they could deliver the following day. After work Wednesday, we met D– and K– and N–, as well as my little sister and her family, at Qdoba for some burritos. Good stuff. Then D– dropped me off at home, and I spent the rest of the evening converting my HTPC from Boxee to XBMC. (If that sentence doesn’t already make sense to you, you wouldn’t be interested in the explanation, either.)

Thursday morning while I was at work, T– called to tell me the delivery guys had brought the fridge, but they weren’t able to connect the water supply for the icemaker, because the connector on the end of our supply line was the wrong size. Bah. Then we intended to go to the gym after work, but we didn’t. Instead we ordered some pizza from Pizza Hut, which was fabulous. And I finished Grizzly Hills with my Shaman.

Friday morning while I was at work, T–called to tell me the plumber had come by to connect our fridge, and it was going to cost us $100. That’s a chunk of change for a quarter-inch connector on a copper pipe, but whatever. It’s done and that’s what matters.

We had D– and K– and N– (along with N–‘s parents) over for dinner Friday night, and T– made chili. It was fantastic, and we only ate about half of the batch she made up, so I’ve got plenty of leftovers. Yay! We watched some silly videos on YouTube, I tried to show off my new XBMC plugin to D– and K– (and failed, because XBMC doesn’t like Vista), and then K– and N– headed home.

D– hung around and we played WoW while T– watched TV, then right around the time I should have gone to bed, D– and I decided to watch Pineapple Express. Funny stuff. Better writing than Half Baked, but lacking the whimsy. Still, an excellent flick if you think stoners and F-bombs are hilarious.

Saturday morning I got up in time to take AB to the gym, while T– stayed home to get the house ready for a baby shower for N–. I worked out for about an hour, then picked up some lunch on the way home. After that I sat on the couch and played WoW while all of N–‘s friends came over to help T– set up for the party. Eventually there were just too many women in the house, though, and I finally bolted.

I stayed at D–‘s place for a couple hours, and when T– called me to come home I found all the guests gone and the house already completely cleaned up. That was unexpected. T–‘s parents were there, though (that was expected), and we went out to dinner at Ole, my current favorite Mexican place for the way they prepare their complimentary salsa and queso.

After dinner we introduced T–‘s parents to a couple of our favorite TV shows (Leverage and Big Bang Theory), and then I stayed up late playing WoW while the rest of them retired early. I finished Grizzly Hills with my Death Knight.

Sunday morning I had a goofy dream, and when I woke up I spent some time trying to figure out how to turn it into a story, and in the process came up with a story idea entirely unlike the dream (except that it’s also goofy). I’ve always wanted to do something in an Oscar Wilde style, and I think this could be just the project for that.

Anyway, after church we had leftover chili for lunch, then I stayed at home with AB during her nap while T– and her parents went shopping. They got back in time to watch another episode of Leverage before heading home to Wichita.

Then I spent the evening on the computer, and T– watched some TV and did some painting. It was a relaxing end to a pretty packed weekend.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.