Journal Entry: June 12, 2009

Ten minutes ago I was reading an article about stupid mistakes to avoid on Facebook. Unfortunately, it didn’t include anything about spoiling the twist ending of your whodunnit novel with a stupid teaser for book three.


Tuesday night one of T–‘s favorite scrapbooking stores held a we-don’t-want-to-go-out-of-business sale, so I agreed to watch AB while she went shopping. We watched some Dora in French, played on the computer some, and then T– brought home McDonalds for dinner. After AB went to bed, I played Civ while we watched TV.

We had our traditional Wednesday night dinner at our house so that I could get K– to bring over a special wrench to work on my internet connection problem. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the wrench, so my problem persisted. We enjoyed having everybody over, though.

Thursday T– had to work in Tulsa, so AB spent the day with one of her babysitters. T– got home about the same time I did, and we had a little time to play with AB (who, sadly, is severely sick with allergies), before heading up to Abuelo’s for dinner with K– and N–. We had a good time, and spent a while getting caught up even after we were done eating. Then we headed home and T– gave AB a bath while I climbed up in the attic to try a different method of fixing my internet connection. This one seems to have worked, but I’ll really put it through the paces over the weekend and then I’ll have a better idea.

I’ve also spent my of my free time this week working on my webpage. I’ve decided to make it a promotional/display site for my creative projects and some of my friends’, too, so I’m trying to build it to be attractive, extensible, and easy to maintain. That’s no small feat, especially for someone with essentially no experience in web design. I think it’s coming along nicely, though. Most of you have already seen it, but I’ll post a link here once I’ve got better than half of the links actually pointing to something.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.