Journal Entry: August 27, 2008

Big news, I guess, is the car. I talked with my dad last night about his experiences with such problems, and he recommended I take it in to a tire shop. He said if it was an alignment problem or a damaged strut (which it turned out to be), tire shops due those jobs in such high volume that normal mechanics can’t compete. And if it was something more serious, the tire shop would readily refer me.

As I said, though, it turned out to be a bent strut — as well as severe alignment problems from the impact. It’s going to run me about $300, which is a kick in the pants, but it’s about as good as I could have hoped for as of the moment I felt the lady slam into the passenger side of my car. So I’m considering myself fortunate, paying the bill, and going on with my life.

After work yesterday I went for a haircut, then Dad called me on my drive home from there. I got off the phone with him right around the time AB showed up in the living room dressed as a dragon (as you may have read about elsewhere), which was pretty damn adorable.

Then D– came over and we spent an hour or so scrolling through the songs in Rock Band‘s Music Store. The vast majority of them run $2 a song, and once you’ve got them downloaded you can play them in the game — not just in free play type things, but also in the Set Lists you set up to progress through the game, so it makes a pleasant break from the game’s initial set of songs, which you find yourself playing over and over and over again.

I found “Still Alive” with GlaDOS available as a free download, and that just made my night (although I think K– is the only one I know who would understand why, and that fact saddens me deeply). Then, as I said, D– and T– and I went through all the songs in the list, and picked out the Must Haves and the Pretty Goods and passed on all the That Sounds Exactly Like Twisted Sister But Not Quite As Goods.

The Must Haves alone came out to about $60 worth. I’d sent D– an email yesterday saying, “This game is going to get expensive.” That was in reference to the drum throne (stool) and drum pad silencers that I had found, not to mention the $300 replacement drum kit. Adding in downloadable content just makes it worse.

We’ll probably grab a bunch of those pretty soon, though. Because, as I said, the core songs get old pretty quick, and it turns out there’s some pretty nice material available for purchase. D– sent me the setlist for Rock Band 2, though, and it just blows the first one away. It’s got a heavy Classic Rock bent, whereas the first is much more Punk and Metal.

Anyway, the plan was to do our music selection while AB was awake, then break out the instruments once she went down, but the first part of that ended up taking nearly an hour longer than we’d intended. That was okay, though — we just added an hour to our evening. We ended up playing until 11:00, but we got our band a private jet and a sound guy, so that’s pretty cool. T– also finally tried playing guitar, and in spite of a rocky start she improved rapidly, and actually had a lot more fun than she thought she would.

Then there was Aerosmith, but we will not talk of it.

This morning I had PT at 8:00, and T– took the car up to the tire place while I was there, and then I picked her up afterward and dropped her at home before I headed to work. That’s my day.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: August 26, 2008

It’s been a while since I last posted, so I can’t promise to get all the details right on this….

Still, Friday night D– and I went over to K– and N–‘s to watch the Cowboys game. The third preseason game is often called the dress rehearsal for the season, so most teams put in their starting line for most of the game, to see how they work together. It’s also the first time in preseason that the team actually watches any tape of the opponents in preparation, and that they cater their plays directly to the opposing team. So we knew going in that it was going to be a good one.

And it was. With the exception of a Romo-thrown interception into the endzone that led to a strong drive by the Texans, the Cowboys starters dominated throughout the first half, on both offense and defense. When Romo et al. came off the field, the Cowboys were up 20-10, and those 10 came off an opening kickoff return that put them in range for the field goal, and then the interception and ensuing drive.

Anyway, if you don’t care about football, sorry about all that. It was an exciting game, though. This weekend they’ll be sitting all the starters to guarantee they’re fresh for the season opener, so that one won’t even be worth watching. On the other hand, the Sooners have their opening game this weekend, so there will definitely be some football on.

After the game Friday night, ’round about 10:30, I suggested we go catch a late showing of Tropic Thunder and D– was down, so we ended up at AMC in the mall until two in the morning. So worth it. Fantastic movie. It’s like a modernization of Three Amigos. Hilarious — wildly inappropriate, but hilarious.

I got home at 2:30 and found T– still awake, chatting with Julie, who was in town for a wedding shower. We stayed up and talked for a while, mostly about the movie. I finally went to bed and just crashed.

Saturday I didn’t get up until lunch time. We took Julie to our bagel place, which is becoming a Saturday tradition (lunch at the bagel place, that is — not taking Julie there). Afterward, T– and Julie headed to the shower, and I went over to B– and E–‘s to hang out with B– while I had a few hours free. We watched Three Amigos and talked, and before I knew it four hours were gone.

We met my little sister and her family for dinner at Friday’s, then met D– at the house around 8:00, and he and I played Civ while we watched the Vikings’ preseason game. I promise not to do a play-by-play on that one, but it was almost as much fun as the Cowboys game.

We got kinda caught up in the Civ game. Last time we’d played, before D– headed out of town for work all last week, we’d won that game, so we started a new one Saturday evening. After 8:00. By the time we quit, we had tanks — just to give you an idea how long we played. Ugh.

Fun, though. I got to bed late and did not feel like waking up for church, but I did anyway. T– and I stopped at a garage sale on the way there, then sat through a sermon about running in such a way as to win, and I worked on a short story set in the SK universe.

Afterward we went over to K– and N–‘s place for lunch. Her parents were there, and among them they made up steaks and hamburgers and we brought hotdogs that K– threw on the grill, and there were all manner of sides and cheesecake and strawberry shortcake for dessert. It was a fantastic lunch. Everyone was pleased.

D– was there, too, but he was running a little late because he’d stopped on the way there to pick up Guitar Hero, so we had our afternoon’s entertainment provided. After lunch we guys got to work setting up the equipment for the game, got all the instruments put together and went to play it, and discovered that there was no game disc in the box. Ugh. So D– had to drive all the way back across town to the store where he’d gotten it to pick up a game disc (luckily they didn’t make us break the instruments back down), but when he got back (around 2:00) we set up a band and started rocking.

T– hung around to see what the game was like, but after our first song she took AB home, because the baby was badly in need of a nap. D– offered to drive me home, so we could play a couple more songs. Three hours later, T– called to ask me what time I planned to be home. It’s an addictive game, and easily the best of the rhythm games I’ve seen so far. The cooperative aspect of it, working together as a group toward a goal, is just awesome. Powerful, and fun.

We all took turns on all the instruments, although I don’t think D– tried the drums. The drums were easily the most popular instrument, though. They’re addictive, and nowhere near as difficult to use as everyone assumes they will be.

Anyway, after T– called we played one more song, then packed everything up and headed home. We had pizza for supper, then when AB went down D– and I brought in the instruments to rock out with T– some. We set up a new band on my XBox, and this time we took the time to go through character creation and customize our characters. D– had read that that was one of the big features of the game, and it really was a fun process. When T– complained that she didn’t like her outfit, we decided to play some gigs, make some money, and then let her check out the in-game store to find something better to wear. Once she started looking through the options, D– and I had to check out ours, too, and we spent the rest of the evening alternating between playing gigs and shopping for clothes. Heh. We played until about 10:30, when pragmatism forced us to call it quits.

Yesterday morning I went back to the physical therapist, and she said she was seeing real progress. I could tell, too. I haven’t taken any of my back medication for four days, and while it’s pretty painful at times, it’s manageable, and getting a little better every day. On Friday she gave me my stretches to do at home, and I find them helpful every time I do them.

Then over lunch on Monday I was in a minor car accident. I was turning into a parking lot, through a line of cars waiting at a red light, when the lady waiting in line decided to pull forward into the gap and slammed into my right tire. It sounded horrible, but to all appearances there was no damage other than scraped paint on my car or hers (and basically all of the paint was on my tire, scraped off of her bumper). Once I was on my way back to work, I called T– to let her know about it and I was in the middle of saying, “There’s no real damage done,” when I noticed my steering wheel was at a 15 degree angle to the left, while I was driving straight. Ugh. So, at the very least, I’d destroyed my alignment, though it’s quite possible I’ve done real damage to the axle. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

Anyway, I tried not to let it bother me, and the car is driving fine. Just…bah. I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to get it in to a mechanic, but we were supposed to drive to Houston this weekend, and all the time I’m spending not thinking about it is just making matters worse and worse.

When I got home from work I was feeling pretty worn out after a long day, so we scrapped our plans to go to the gym. Instead I lazed on the couch for a while, then T– made supper and we went for a walk in the neighborhood. We got home right at AB’s bedtime, and while T– put her to bed, I got the instruments back out and T– sang for me while I drummed. The plan was to play through a song or two, then she was going to go paint while I continued practicing the drums.

The game’s addictive, though! Did I mention that? We played until 10:30, when once again pragmatism forced us to quit.

That’s my weekend (and the start of this week). It’s been a fun one. I’m looking forward to getting better at the drums. They say this is one of the few rhythm games that can really teach you real-life skills, as the game version of drumming is pretty close to the real world equivalent (as opposed to, say, guitar playing, or even the quality-insensitive singing). So yay.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: August 22, 2008

Last night was a bit of a strange one.

Yesterday, during the day, we cooked up a plan for a Pogue Family Writer’s Convention, which will be taking place in Branson in October. So, first thing after I got home, I got to explain to T– that I was going off to Missouri for a weekend and she wasn’t invited. Fun.

Then I spent half an hour or so playing with AB, before T– took her along and went to the monthly church picnic. As I really hate having anxiety attacks on schoolnights, I elected to skip it.

I tried to get in touch with D–, and it turned out he did get in at a reasonable hour, but he already had dinner plans. I tried contacting B–, since I knew he was stuck at home with a baby and might want some company, but I got no answer and he never called me back. So, when I finally gave up on all of them, I went out to get myself a sandwich around 7:30. I went to Subway first, but they proved incompetent, so after a ten minute wait (behind one other customer), and no sign they’d be getting to me anytime soon, I walked out and went to Jersey Mike’s. Their club is awesome.

Around the time I finished eating, T– got home with the baby, and we said goodnight to her, then T– watched me play a demo I’d downloaded of a new game called Too Human. I read good reviews of it earlier in the week and passed those along to K– and D– in the hopes of getting some multiplayer going. Anyway, it seemed prudent to check out the demo before dropping $50 for it, so I did, and I absolutely enjoyed it. It’s easily a game that can keep me interested until Spore comes out.

In other news, I got my report back from the doctor for my blood work last week, and I get to cut down on fats and sugars in my diet, and come back in three months for another test. Yay! Also, I got a raise at work, in addition to the cost-of-living increase, so that’s welcome news.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: August 18, 2008

Thursday night I made my triumphal return to the gym. It was unimpressive. I spent forty-five minutes on the treadmill, then went home.

One thing of note: there was no one there for childcare, even though we were within the regular childcare hours, so Brian — K– and N–‘s trainer — stepped in and spent the time watching AB. It was pretty funny.

Afterward we met D– at the house for dinner — he brought BWW, because it was Thursday — and we watched Get Smart and played Civ.

Friday night, T– went to dinner with her friend Rebecca, and left me to watch AB. We had some fun together. We had dinner, and played for a while, then went out for snowcones, but she was asleep by the time we got home, so she didn’t get any. Poor thing.

Then T– got home from her dinner date (at a bar downtown), and a short while later D– called and offered to bring us some liquor of our choice, so we requested wine coolers and rum, and he brought sangria and rum, but that was close enough. We drank, and then we watched Get Smart and played Civ.

Saturday morning I’d intended to go to the gym, but K– was busy with work and AB went down for a nap right around the time I got ready, so I decided to stay home. An hour or so later, T– and I walked AB up to the bagel restaurant around the corner, and D– met us there for lunch. It was good. Afterward…well, watched Get Smart and played Civ for most of the afternoon and evening.

We took a break at 5:00 to drive out to the Huddlestons’ place for dinner. We ate burgers and watched Austin Powers and then had ice cream. Then we came home around 8:30 to put AB to bed, and afterward got back to the Civving. Around 2:30 I annihilated my nemesis (the Dutch) about two turns before D– won the game with a Cultural Victory. Then he went home, and I finally went to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up in time for church, then T– and I met D– at Mazzio’s for a lunch buffet. Afterward, I crashed on the couch for a couple hours during AB’s nap, and T– ran out to do some grocery shopping.

We’d recorded Saturday night’s Cowboys preseason game, and invited K– and N– (along with N–‘s parents), and D– and B– and E–, to come watch it with us. T– also made a turkey for dinner, and N– brought some fantastic mac and cheese (and K– brought some scruptious liquor), so we had a fine feast before we started the game.

There was no Civving. For real.

Then this morning I had to wake up early (or, rather, on time) to make it to an appointment with a physical therapist. That went well. The therapist thinks three to four weeks, two sessions a week, should be enough. She said no more than six weeks. I also have permission to keep going to the gym, as long as I don’t do anything that causes pain. Pretty much matches my intentions, so fair enough.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: August 13, 2008

Yesterday after work, I was still hurting too bad to go back to the gym, and AB was still sick anyway. We don’t much want to take her up to childcare when she’s not feeling well.

Anyway, I decided to stay home, and when I called D– to check on his schedule, he said he had enough stuff to take care of that he wouldn’t be coming over (so no Civ). So I played with AB for a while, and T– ran up to McDonald’s to grab us some dinner, and then we ended up watching Boston Legal for most of the night. I messed around some with Civ, making up a mod based on Sleeping Kings so I can play the game as Josh or Nate or Sarah (instead of Benjamin Franklin or Hannibal or something boring like that).

One of the things they added in Civ 4 was unique units for each civilization, so the Germans have the Panzer (which replaces the basic Tank) and the Americans have the NAVY Seal (which replaces the basic Marine) and so forth. Then in the latest expansion, Beyond the Sword, they took that one step further and added unqiue buildings (so for the Americans, the Mall replaces the Supermarket, and so on). Well, anyway, when I made my new Leaders I also had to make a new civilization to associate them with. I called it Sleeping Kings, and just borrowed most of the features of the Americans, but I decided to go ahead and make a unique unit and building.

I gave them a unit called “Hiz-Ammat Cultist” which looks like an Islamic Missionary (an actual unit in the game) and can travel freely through enemy territory, but has the ability to sabotage building production and destroy buildings in enemy cities, undetected. Pretty appropriate, I thought. Then I went ahead and replaced the Hospital with a Sanctuary Hospital that is slightly more effective than a regular one and also reduces War Weariness. That last part only makes sense if you’ve read Sarah’s story, but really, who besides T– and N– reads this blog?

I guess to those two it doesn’t make sense either, because they don’t play the game. Anyway, the point is I had a lot of fun with Civ last night without actually playing it any. Which is, all by itself, pretty lame, but you know what? Shut up.

Went to bed around 10:00, and still woke up late this morning. Stupid medication.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: July 29, 2008

I was able to get home from work yesterday — the car started just fine — and when I got home I spent some time playing with AB because I could. We both had some cereal for a snack.

Then D– showed up at some point, and we got a couple pizzas from Mazzio’s for dinner (because they have a special on Monday nights), and we watched Boston Legal and ate pizza and played Civ. D– and I resumed our game from Sunday, and we played it until nearly midnight. The Incas are annihilated and the Vikings would’ve been, but at the last minute they became vassals of Hammurabi, who is too big for us to attack at the moment. It will happen, just not yet.

We’re well on our way to grabbing a Domination victory anyway, just for sheer landmass. We own four continents now, and Hammurabi and Charlemagne are sharing just one (not much bigger than any of our four. I don’t think we have too much to worry about, even if he is ahead of us tech-wise.

Yeah, seriously, that’s all I did. It was a fun night. I’m hoping we can finish the game tonight, and maybe start another one.

We did get the leak in our foundation fixed today. Some guys came out and put in new water lines through the attic. I’m hoping that will fix our air conditioning problems, too, but that’s pretty iffy. We’ll see in a day or two.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: Nickipendence Day 2008

If you check the “My Favorites” links over on the right, you can find picture (and video) illustration of pretty much all the following events. It was a friend-heavy weekend, so all of my friends are chronicling the same things.

Anyway, last Thursday night T– and I went to the gym fairly early, then got home to meet D–, who brought some BWW for dinner. D– had picked up a Sony Handycam camcorder as T–‘s birthday present (that he, his mom, and I had all gone in on), and we went ahead and gave it to her three weeks early so that she could get some footage of N–‘s birthday party on Friday. So we presented that to her, and she was suitably astonished. D– and I played several rounds of Heroscape while T– played with her new camera, and then we watched some TV.

Friday morning I woke up a little before nine, and T– and I ran up to Barnes and Noble to get the rest of N–‘s birthday present. Then…well, somehow by that point it was already 11:15, so we headed over to K– and N–‘s for her birthday party.

Everybody was there. Everybody. We had a delicious lunch, and the kids played in a bouncy castle that they’d rented for the party (so cool), and then we played some party games before all the babies started crying for naps. It was probably two-ish when the party broke up.

We stopped by D–‘s apartment and grabbed his new Fourth Edition D&D books on the drive home, and started working on making up some characters. Nap-time called, though, and we all dozed for most of the afternoon. Evening rolled around, I roused myself enough to order some pizzas, and we finally got around to filling out some character sheets.

It took several hours. The process is enough changed from previous editions and, more significantly, the entire Players Handbook describes the process of character creation. You can’t just turn to pages 20-24 and go through the process. There’s bits scattered throughout the book. Once we know what’s needed, it will actually be a quicker process than Second Edition character creation (and way quicker than the Third Editions), but our first two characters took all night.

Saturday morning AB woke up before T– or I. We were both laying in bed, not ready to get up, and AB was screaming in her room. I decided that, if T– would go ahead and get up (and let me sleep for another half hour or so), I would mow the front yard for her when I did get up. I was about to say as much out loud, when she threw back the covers and went to get AB. I rolled over and went back to sleep.

I finally got up around 9:30, and decided to honor my deal. T– put AB down for her morning nap and she went to the grocery store while I mowed. Then I went out back and, using my newly reacquired drill (K– had been borrowing it), I installed a waterhose hanger on the back of the house. T– had picked it up a couple months ago, and it’s a really nice one. Only took about five minutes to hang, but that’s the first time I’ve ever used a mortar bit or (most terrifying) drilled into the facade of my house. Everything went fine, though.

Sometime in the afternoon I got online and checked out our bank account, and discovered we didn’t have nearly enough money. Ugh. Between all the car problems over the last week and several big purchases, I’d kind of lost track of money running total, and here we are in trouble again. I hate that.

Anyway, I spent most of the afternoon working on our finances, trying to figure out when to pay what and what we should expect in terms of budget stuff. No fun, but I think I’ve got it mostly ironed out.

Saturday evening, T– had plans to go hang out with Rebecca, so I stayed home with AB. T– left about 6:00, had dinner at Chili’s, and then watched Get Smart with Rebecca. I’m jealous.

I didn’t spend the evening alone, though. K– and N– called, and I asked them to come help me with the baby. AB was easier than I expected, though, so they were mostly just there to keep me company. We had Olive Garden (they picked some up To Go), and watched 21, which was an entertaining flick. It had some pretty stupid plot holes, but it was still a fun hour and a half.

By the end of the movie, AB was in bed for the night. K– and N– went home, and I spent a couple hours reading Cat Who until T– got home, then I went to bed a little bit before midnight.

Sunday morning we went to church, and then El Chico for lunch with K– and N–. Afterward, AB and I took naps while T– went swimming with N– at my little sister’s community pool. Then Josh stopped in (he’d been in Tulsa for the weekend), and we watched Family Guy and talked for a couple hours before he headed back home to Little Rock.

Then T– and I headed to Edmond for small groups. K– and N– didn’t make it, so it was the rest of the young couples group (or whatever we’re called) at Brent and Celia’s, and AB running all over the place. Between chasing AB and social anxiety stuff (I am not comfortable among these folks), I had a terrible time. It was a nice enough evening, but I’m just not wired that way.

We got home around 8:30, and T– put AB down while I went back to my office just to be alone with my breakdown. I got over it soon enough, though, and T– and I watched three episodes of Boston Legal, and finally went to bed at 11:00.

Then, I couldn’t sleep. I lay in bed for about half an hour, then got up and played some video games for an hour or so, and came back and still couldn’t sleep. It was not a pleasant night.

I was a little late getting up this morning, but nothing near as bad as last Monday. Got to work, and it’s been a pretty nice day, in spite of the long night.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: July 3, 2008

Yesterday evening we went to Jason’s Deli in Edmond for dinner. D– showed up at our place about 5:15, and he rode with us. We met K– and N–. It was fun.

Afterward, T– and D– and I went to Barnes and Noble. I bought a Dickens, T– bought an art history book, and D– bought a plush dragon for AB.

Then we went back home and unpacked D–‘s new master set for HeroScape, and spent the rest of the evening trying it out. Very fun, and the selection provided by all the new pieces really increases the richness of the game. I lost both rounds, though.

D– also picked up copies of the new Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons books, and we’ve decided to develop a couple campaigns in the fantasy world we’ve come up with for our collaborative writing project. Should be a fun environment, and all of the reviews I’ve seen make Fourth Edition sounds like a major improvement over Third. I’m looking forward to it.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: July 2, 2008

Yesterday T– had business up in Tulsa, so after work I ran out to miss Carla’s place to pick up AB. She’d spent most of the afternoon playing in the dirt, so she was filthy but in a terrific mood.

I was running late enough that T– got home only fifteen to twenty minutes after I did. We had dinner (Taco Bell for her and a can of chili for me), and watched a couple episodes of Arrested Development, then a couple episodes of Boston Legal.

We’ve been very into TV shows lately, clearly. Part of that is because I’m not otherwise occupied. AoC, while a well-crafted game, has not managed to hold my attention. I imagine I’ll cancel my account, but it just renewed so that still gives me access through nearly the end of this month.

I am fascinated by Spore, and I desperately hope that it lives up to its potential. Even if it doesn’t, it should provide enough entertainment to justify its cost. I plan on hooking up a PC to the living room TV, and letting AB watch me develop a Sumo Bug super race. I think she’ll enjoy that.

That doesn’t come out until September, though.

In the meantime, I’m doing a lot of reading and, of course, watching a lot of TV with T–. I have almost no interest in any of my writing projects right now, which is a real shame. I’ve tried, but I haven’t much gotten into it.

Oh! T– was in Tulsa yesterday for work, as I said, and she had some time available to swing by the house. Seems the roof isn’t in nearly as bad of shape as I’d been led to believe. I was worried the next heavy rain would pour into the house and destroy our new carpet, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll be anything of the sort. We still have to get the roof replaced, but the timeline isn’t quite so urgent. That’s a little stress off me.

My back is feeling a lot better, too. There’s still persistent pain, which there shouldn’t be, but it is so much less severe than it was at the start of the week. I’m optimistic that it’s finally healing, and will be all better by the weekend.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: June 12, 2008

Yesterday after work I headed south. I had plans in place to meet Toby for an evening of programming. We’ve pursued projects together — primarily video games, and particularly a single one, an MMO called Remnant — ever since he taught me to program.

Most recently, we’d started talking about building a Python client for a tabletop game, when we started looking over our old documentation and decided we’d really rather work on Remnant again. My oldest notes for that project date to 1999. So, yeah, we’re not making great progress.

Still, it’s an interesting pursuit, and Toby has a 3d game engine working (built primarily in C++, but callable from Python scripts), and it’s really not too great a leap to get started.

Anyway, since I work so far south of our house, I went straight there from work, and Gwyn was kind enough to make me dinner. She made some fantastic chicken and rice, and the kids were fun company at dinner.

Afterward, Toby and I went immediately back to the office to work. He showed me what he had working (a flat plain of a world, with a tree in the center, and an avatar that could be made to run around, using standard RPG controls. While I was there, we added an enemy creature, and implemented a very basic form of combat. That was pretty cool.

Game development will be pretty evenly divided into the C++ stuff and the Python stuff, Toby building up the game engine, and me building up the game environment, writing in character interactions and story events, stuff like that.

We wrapped things up around 7:30 and I headed home. I spent the whole drive thinking about the things I would need to do to get the game part up and running, and they were all things I’d done recently for that cheesy single player game I was working on. And, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the majority of that code can be copied and pasted right into the new project. I have yet to try it out, but I should be able to dramatically improve the game’s functionality with a tiny bit of work. I’m anxious to get started.

Still, when I got in I decided to play some AoC instead. I wasn’t sure how long I would have, and I hate having to stop a programming project in the middle of a change, so AoC seemed safer. I got several levels and finished off the starter area, which was my goal.

T– got home late from church, last night being the final night of VBS, and then she and I watched a couple episodes of Lost, so it was pretty late by the time I got to bed. I had some fascinating dreams, too, but I didn’t write them down, so they’re lost to me now. I remember it was in England, and there was something about a bomb, and it would be a perfect movie for the guy from Napoleon Dynamite. I can’t even imagine how those pieces fit together….

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.