I’ve been reading a webcomic called Achewood, which is…quite entertaining. It’s not family friendly, by any means. But the artist has developed some incredibly detailed characters. He maintains blogs for all of them. It’s wild.

Anyway, I just read this line in an edition of The Phillipe Times’ Friday Facts:

“Soccer is popular everywhere but America. Why, you ask? Because Americans like when things happen.

I liked that bit. Also, the following image is the first panel in a recent strip…that actually becomes one of the happier things to happen within the storyline, but Roast Beef is just a sad ol’ cat. What can I say?

Journal Entry

Today…turned out relatively fantastic.

I woke up still feeling sick, but for the first time this week I was able to breathe through my nose. I have progressed to the part of my disease where I have a hacking cough, and that had my throat raw within the first couple hours, and my chest aching before lunch. But that was the worst of it.

Work was pretty dreadful today — formatting layout and hand-numbering paragraphs for a 200-page document, but while I did that I listened to an audiobook version of Harry Potter book 6, and made it through about a third of the book over the course of the day (that’s 5 hours worth of mp3).

Then I came home and, since T– is finally sick, I was able to cuddle with her on the couch while we watched According to Jim. So that was nice, even if the cause behind the effect was a sad one. We had some delicious leftovers for dinner (for real), then I went over to K– and N–‘s to watch the first Cowboys preseason game.

Preseason…well, there’s all kinds of things to be said about it, most of which amount to the fact that the game’s outcome doesn’t matter. But it’s a football game! A real one, and a live one, and it goes according to regular rules. So, in other words, it’s an excellent breakfast. We got to watch Romo play a little (he proved he’s still got game, and then they pulled him to prevent injuries), we got to see a lot of the new guys, and at least one looked really good. Mostly, though, it was fun to see some football.

Also, we tore the Colts apart. I know, I know, it’s preseason and both teams were mostly playing second string for most of the game, but it was fun to watch.

It was fun to spend an evening with K– and N–, too. They’re quality people. I’ll tell that to anyone who asks.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Wichita. I should be back Sunday afternoon in time to see Stardust with D– et al., but that’s not yet a certainty. Here’s hoping, though.