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  1. Sgt B / Michael Barrick

    so…i dont usually message many authors…altho i often leave reviews on amazon kindle service, some good, some bad, but usually something.
    i just finished the taming fire, #1 in the daven series and i was blown away. Ive read some of the genre, some ive liked, some i havent. ive read and seen the likes of the lord of the rings and what not… but nothing drew me in like taming fire. the style and flow of your story compelled me along and not many books have equalled it. now, i read alot, im a career soldier, ive deployed numerous times, both combat and non combat, korea, egypt, iraq and much more…a soldiers life isnt easy, a sgt’s life is harder yet, but, there are many boring moments mixed in w the excitement and reading is a stress reliever, a dream maker and a way to simply pass the time along.
    i purchased the first book separately w out knowing that i could purchase all 3 together for half the price, oh well, the wife wont b happy but i plan on getting the trilogy on my kindle tonight or tomorrow…money well spent the way i see it.
    ive read all the reviews on the trilogy, and i know you received criticism for the 3rd, but, i plan on enjoying it none the less…but heres my true question…i can read books 1&2 and skip the 3rd, then read the novellas(dragon prince arrows)…or i can read the trilogy as it was inteneded and THEN read the novellas … ok, so , the question is, do you plan on bringing daven BACK to the timeline after book 3(dragon prince’s heir?) meaning, is that the ultimate goal…to finally tie together all of the story lines? if not, no biggee…i shall skip book 3…or, maybe not…hahaha, i guess im just curious is all.
    all in all, just know that i have a platoon of troopers and most of us like to read and we all reccomend good reads to each other and i plan on making sure they give book 1 a chance so maybe i’ll b able to bring some well earned profits your way.
    keep up the good work and thanx for what you do…i hear thanx and gratitude all the time for what i do, but, sometimes we need to pass that back along to the people that help make what we do a little more bearable, and trust me, that is YOU!!!
    and by the way, i left a review on amazon for ya by name of ‘SGT B”…
    I hope it helps…

    1. Aaron Pogue Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to answer, but the good news is that it probably won’t hurt to read the books in either order. It might be a little easier to keep track of what resources Daven has available at any given time if you read them in chronological order (instead of publishing order), but I doubt it’d make much difference.

      Ultimately, once you finished The Dragonswarm, each new title is a standalone story, and everything around it is just the setting. There might some characters who have a more obvious importance if you happened to read the story that introduced them, but everyone who matters to the plot of a given book should get his or her own introduction (with the reasonable exception of the main characters from Taming Fire).

      I deeply appreciate your recommendations, and I’m thrilled that I could provide some entertainment. With any luck, I’ll get you some more reading material in the near future. I’m hoping to release more of the dragonrider novellas in the next couple months, and a new novel by Christmas.

  2. Ryan Mombourquette

    Please finish the series, I’ve read all of the books in the dragonprince universe 5-6 times and am anxiously awaiting to see the extent of Daven’s power and how it plays out with Antinus under the control of a dragon.


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