Journal Entry

Dateline Little Rock.

We got up way too early this morning, in order to be an hour late getting in to Little Rock. We were anticipating arriving between noon and 1:00, and somehow got in right at 2:00. We grabbed some breakfast on our way out of town (which was pretty much factored into the noon-1:00 schedule), and then stopped at Kinko’s to pick up a fax for T–. That didn’t take more than a couple minutes. We did have an extra stop or two on our drive, though, and with AB’s needs, that’s probably what took all the extra time.

Anyway, it’s a brutal drive at five hours, and adding another one doesn’t make it any better.

When we got in, Mom told us all about their France trip (they just got back from eighteen days in Europe), and then we picked up Dad from work and got some lunch (Arby’s), and then came back to the house where Mom pretty much immediately started making dinner.

She was excited about dinner, and for good reason. She made us up a fancy meal inspired by their time in Italy, including some amazing bruschetta (ask anyone, I usually hate it), calzones, and gelatto for dessert. And then some really weird Italian lemon thing for a digestif, but I liked it. At 40% alcohol and amazingly citric bitter, what’s not to like?

Then we tried to find a Harry Potter release party worth going to. We tried out a Books-a-Million (I dropped Mom and T– off, and went to a Kroger to buy diapers), and then tried out Barnes & Noble (I actually had to hang around for that one). It was a lot more fun than the first, but we still decided after about an hour of bustle and noise (with still another hour to go) that it wasn’t worth waiting around, when none of us were going to stay up to read the book tonight anyway. Mom’s got hers on reserve (and T–, too, though hers is reserved in OKC), so we came home a little after 11:00, and the girls will just go pick the book up tomorrow morning.

I’ve thought about going out walking. After a day in the car, I really ought to, but I’ve had a pounding headache all day, and it’s late, and I just want to go to bed. I did get another scene of KJW done on the drive, so that puts me up to B24, which I can probably find the time to write tomorrow. If I get one or two more done this weekend, then I could finish the book by writing one scene per day next week (which is a very attainable goal). So, yay.