Journal Entry

Saturday, July 21st
Yesterday was a slow and easy sort of day. I woke up around nine, and Mom made me some bacon to go with my breakfast croissant. Then Dad and I played some WoW for a couple hours (I spent most of it fixing Mom’s AddOns and getting them updated). I also got to chat with N– some over GMail. Around one, we met Mom and T– for lunch at Chili’s.

After that, I talked Dad into going to see Live Free or Die Hard, which K– and N– insisted was great. So, based on their suggestion, I had to convince Dad that it was great (he had strong doubts). Anyway, I’d spent most of Friday night and Saturday morning working on that, so by the time we finished lunch (and the girls took AB with them to do some shopping), he was about ready to risk it.

When we got to the theatre, though (and he explained to me why there was only one theatre in town worth going to), we learned that we had a little over a two hour wait until the next showing of the movie. Unexpected setback, but we were caught up in a conversation about writing anyway, so I gave him some general advice, and we talked through the plot of a novel he wants to work on, and that burned about an hour.

Then we got tired of standing, so we slipped into an empty theater to sit down, and half an hour later we got to watch the first ten minutes of Transformers (which was enough to convince Dad that he needed to see that movie, too) before we headed over to our actual theater to watch our actual movie.

It was phenomenal. Way too close to the plot of Josh’s story in Sleeping Kings, which is always infuriating, but it was such a good job of making another Die Hard that I find it hard to complain. Awesome, awesome flick.

It ended at 7:00, and we came home so Dad could grill up the steaks for a fancy multi-course French dinner that Mom had put together. We had salad and beets, then the steak, then a delicious cheese tray, and then coffee and dessert. It was awesome.

After dinner, around 9:00, my little sister called to say she was nearly halfway here, so Mom and I stayed up reading. She was working on the new Harry Potter book, and I picked up her copy of book one (T– is reading our copy of book seven, and I’ve only read through the series once, so I decided to reread while T– reads the new one). S– got in right around midnight, and I helped her bring in some bags before going to bed. After that, church came way too early this morning.