God story

Remember that scene in the Old Testament, where Elijah is running from the agents of Jezebel, and he’s hiding in a cave, and God comes to talk to him to tell him he’s being a coward?

That’s the whole story, right there. That’s all we needed. It could’ve been a vision from God, it could’ve been an inspiration in Elijah’s heart, it could’ve been anything to get him moving again. We didn’t even need to know WHAT started him back out into the world.

But the story goes into entirely excessive detail, which is one of my favorite passages in the Bible. God comes to speak to Elijah, and you kinda get the impression the prophet is expecting it. So first there’s a terrible earthquake, and the whole mountain shakes from the power of it, but God isn’t in the earthquake. Then there’s…oh, a whole procession of mighty, thunderous things, none of them are God. And then there’s a quiet whisper, a gentle voice telling Elijah what he needs to hear. And that’s God.

Remember that passage? If so, isn’t that an awesome story?

If not…go find it. I don’t know exactly where, and the search will do you as much good as the destination, anyway. Go find that story, and read it. It’s awesome.