Government: Opening Shots

I will (always) begin with this: The United States of America is an exception.

Ack, I wanna put that in bold and repeat it four or five times. You cannot — CANNOT — discuss philosophically what human government is or should be based upon what the world has seen in America’s wholly unique situation.

You can argue this with me if you want, but I doubt I’ll surrender the point. It is a base fallacy to believe that another country — ANY other country — could mimic the structure and philosophy of American government and achieve anything resembling the success the United States have enjoyed.

Honestly, in these opening shots I’m saying almost everything I have to say about government. That, no matter how much you like the US government, or how successful it may have been, the government that made it so is NOT the ideal form of human government.

That’s where I’m headed. I’m a monarchist. A Monarchist, even. Not a Constitutional Monarchist, inasmuch as I can avoid it. A true, pure, absolute Monarchist.

Ah, one more thing: no, my belief in monarchy is not founded on the condition that I get to be king. That’s NOT the point. Ever suggest it again, and I’ll punch you in the face.