Greatness: Change

It’s easier to initiate change on objects in motion than on those that are sitting still. Once change happens (for good or ill), you have a special opportunity to initiate a little change of your own.

It’s complicated, though. Sometimes you want to make a change in a particular directions, other times it’s toward a particular destination. Chaos is GREAT for initiating a change in direction. It’s too random to target a precise destination, though.

Every now and then, for precisely this reason, it’s good to spread a little chaos of your own. Mix things up (harmlessly, of course, if you can manage it), and then bend the world in the direction you want to go.

But the other aspect is the real point of this post. Sometimes the world changes violently, against your will. Lemons and lemonade, my friend. You can mope once things have settled down (you won’t REALLY know how bad the change was until it’s over ANYway). Meanwhile, spend your energy making what good you can.

That’s my advice, anyway. Also, live well.