Greatness: From Me to You

This is what I would have you know:
Life is big. Really big. It’s amazing. It’s…dynamic. We stop it from being so, every day, for our own comfort.

That’s okay. It’s nice to be comfortable most of the time. There’s a certain thrill to going camping, sleeping under the stars, eating fresh-caught fish pan-cooked over a little campfire. But…well, we don’t have to live like that. Camping is just a fun little bit of excitement we can sprinkle into otherwise comfortable lives.

What I want you to know, what I really want to get across to you, is that the comfort is something we’ve made, for our own sake. We haven’t changed anything underneath — it’s all still there. We CAN still go camping. You can go camping within an hour’s drive of Denver and it feels like the most remote wilderness in the world. Even with all the civilization that is Denver.

This is important. This is a big deal. You can step outside of your comfort, into excitement, into magic, into legend. It’s all there. Jason and the Argonauts, David creeping into Saul’s camp, fire from Heaven and so much for Baal. Not just that, though. Garden State. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. American Beauty (*sad sigh*).

Think of your favorite movie. Your life could be like that. It’s not, because it’s more comfortable to not live life like that. But you could wake up tomorrow and make your life like…whatever movie you’re thinking of. Life is that big, it’s that powerful.

I’m not asking you to. I’m certainly not suggesting. Hell, how often do I actually go camping? It’s nice to know it’s an option, though. Remember that, when you’re feeling trapped or bored or insignificant.