Greatness: The One with All the Matrix

(That was for you, Kris.)

(I wonder if, a hundred years from now, English Majors reading through my blog posts will all see me occasionally speaking directly to a “Kris with a ‘k'” and just assume it was a girl, and then someone will do a dissertation in which they link the Kris from my blogs to the famous network designer Kris Austin and then there’ll be ANOTHER dissertation about how I was gay, and Kris was my lover, and Trish and Nicki were both beards (err…cover wives). And then everyone will stop reading my blog and they’ll stop using the kristonian network structure that revolutionized the world because, y’know, Kris Austin was obviously gay….

Dammit, Kris!)

(Okay, for the record, “Kris” or “Kristopher” is just the German spelling. And, while we’re on the topic, “Erin” is the Irish spelling, not just the girl name.)

Okay, what was I going to say? I’ve forgotten completely….