Journal Entry

We bought the house in OKC. Everyone who reads this, knows that already. Most of them were there, even, before dinner.

We bought the house in OKC. A week from tomorrow is my last day at work in Tulsa. We’ve got the move, and I’ve got finishing up here, and then I’ve got all the learning my new job and (with any luck at all) we’ll have the hassle and stress of selling our Tulsa house. Nobody’s looked at it yet.

All that is to say, mebbe I’ll update again soon. Mebbe the new job will have enough bureaucratic slowness to it to grant me the downtime I haven’t had in a while. Then again, mebbe I’ll just spend all that downtime working on programming projects and reading articles about the nature of addiction.

Or, y’know, writing on my actual books. Who knows. It’s a crazy world, all ’round.