Looking Forward: Future Discussion

Okay, as I probably got across clearly with that last post, I’m pretty into the whole religion discussion. Actually, I was mentioning this morning that I feel kinda compelled to get on with that conversation but, and this is pretty important, most of what I have to say there depends on an understanding of my concept of Social Constructionism (that is, the Human Greatness conversation).

So, unless I want to waste a lot of my time arguing in circles, I should really get some pretty heavy foundation laid on that track, before I proceed with the religion conversation. So that’s my plan.

Before I do that, just real quick, I’m going to post three poems — one for each conversation. We can discuss them at length, or we can skip right past them. Whatever you guys prefer. I’ll probably come back to them later, though, if we don’t deal with them now.

These are all older poems, and most anyone who knows me well enough to be reading this blog has probably read all of these poems (at least once). Sorry not to have new material, but I wanted to choose the bits that best illustrate the conversations I’m trying to start.

So, three poems, and then I’ll start heavily into Greatness, with the intent of segueing that directly into God. I’ll throw in little vignettes on Government just as filler mostly, because I’ve got no particular agenda there — just very emphatic personal beliefs.

Now, on to the literature!