Journal Entry: Hiatus

These are things in my life:
This morning I went by the ClearSight Center for a preliminary exam, in the hopes of getting LASIK sometime soon.

Tomorrow morning (early) I’m heading to Seattle for a business trip. Not the fun kind. I’ll be there through Friday evening. Trish is letting me use her laptop, so that’s something, but I’ll probably be fairly out of touch. Sorry about that. Trish has suggested that I travelblog on my trip, and I may do that. Probably depends whether it’s any fun at all, or just boring….

The week after I get back (first week of February) I’ve got 2 all-day meetings at work. Never any fun. They’re 8-hour days, though, so that’ll be nice.

The week after that, on Wednesday the 9th, I have a follow-up pre-surgery exam in the morning. On Thursday the 10th I have the surgery (2:30 in the afternoon), and then I’m going to be pretty much out of operation for 24-48 hours.

So, this time next month I could be seeing on my own, for the first time since I was, I dunno, 6-ish. That’s a crazy thought.

Wish me luck. It’s scary, and quite expensive.