Journal Entry: July 25, 2006

So…yesterday was Trish’s birthday. As many of you know, we are excruciatingly broke at the moment, but due to good graces, poor filing, and silly forgetfulness, I stumbled across an uncashed check yesterday (for me, not against me), that allowed for a Trish’s birthday party.

Here is what I did:

* I bought her a cake.

* I made steak and potatoes.

Hmm…okay, on paper that doesn’t look nearly as impressive….

One of Trish’s favorite things in the world is ice cream cake (specifically Dairy Queen ice cream cake). The closest Dairy Queen to Oklahoma City, though, is more than an hour away. I’d intended to go there anyway, as a special treat, but the budget I ended up with for the whole affair would barely have covered the gas.

So I got one from Baskin Robbins, and that was equally delicious! Yay.

And the steaks…. Mmm…. They were good steaks. They turned out just right. I’m aching to get a new grill, but the sad thing is that I’m just now actually getting reasonably good at grilling on this one (after years of burnt hamburger patties and generous friends saying, “No, really, it’s delicious” between the crunches and the chipped teeth).

Anyway, steaks were great, mashed potatoes were good, ice cream cake was delicious, and we spent something like five straight hours cuddled on the couch watching Buffy. That was my day yesterday. Pretty freakin’ sweet (even though I didn’t get any WoW time in).

Oh! And major event today in Sleeping Kings! It’s one I’ve been building up to for a while (in my head, at least, if not in the text). Not a happy event, but I’d say a major one. Poor Josh….

And now I’m torn about where to take the story from here. The story feels like it’s about to go one way (Josh’s character specifically), while there’s about a week’s worth of stuff that I have in the outline that would be skipped that way. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I have to weigh it. We’ll see what happens, eh?

I’m sleepy. Supposed to go over to Shannon’s for dinner tonight, and I think Dan wanted to come over for some Strat or Scholo. He’d better bring a snowcone, is all I’m sayin’.

Hope you’re all well. I’m going to go spend my lunch break taking a nap in my car.