Journal Entry: June 15, 2006

Trish’s laptop doesn’t have enough RAM.

Umm…if you know what I mean?

So, I brought the laptop with me so I can play some WoW while I’m alone at night (oh, man, the inuendos just don’t stop!). Unfortunately, it just barely runs WoW at all. I made some plans with the guys last night for a late-night instance run, and then I had to cancel on them because I couldn’t even stay in game.

Kris is apparently having the same problem, but for entirely different reasons.

So, I keep thinking that since WoW won’t work I should just write. Or read. Or program. Or watch TV. Or a movie.

Problem is, I’m very unfocused. Spacey, even. I just move from thing to thing. I think I might have figured out part of the reason for that last night. I’ve spent the whole week here drinking 3-5 cups of coffee a day. I dunno, it’s just something I do on travel. It is just something I do on travel. I normally don’t drink coffee at all.

So I’m probably just major buzzing on caffeine. I told Kris I’d lay off coffee today, but I did have a cup with breakfast. Just one so far today, though….

Speaking of chemically altered, I decided a couple weeks ago that I’d pick up a bottle of wine while I was here and have a glass every night. I’ve been doing that, too. What with the other things going on in my head, mebbe I shouldn’t be, but I’ve actually really been enjoying it. It’s been way too long since I’ve had wine around on any kind of a regular basis. I need to start doing that again. Of course, first I have to win the lottery.

Also, I think I mentioned last night that my current class is moving too slowly for me. Because of that, I ran up to the store last night and grabbed a notebook, so I can write some during the slower parts of the course.

Here’s what I learned today: I no longer have writer’s calluses. (Callouses?) When you write with a thin pencil or pen a lot, you get a callus on your middle finger where you rest the pen. I spent elementary and middle school with these long, thick, red calluses all along the middle finger on my left hand, because that was pretty much the only way I wrote, and I wrote a lot. Then, around the first of high school, I started word processing. Now, I have no calluses at all. And this morning’s class was really slow.


One other thing: I had a chicken sandwich from Burger King for lunch. Sooooo good. Have one soon. That is all.