Journal Entry: June 17, 2006

Good morning!

I’m doing a lot better today. I can’t really say why, but yesterday afternoon went a lot better than I’d expected. I watched some standup, which almost always puts me in good spirits, and then my inner demon/angel combo talked me into going to Bennigans and getting a steak and a margarita.

Actually, I had a hot turkey sandwich and a couple Lynchburg lemonades, but the effect was the same. I also took my notebook with me, and anyone reading Sleeping Kings probably already knows that I got about twelve pages written on the unfinished prologue. That had been hanging over my head for about four years now, so getting that done was probably a major part of the pick-me-up.

And then I came back to my hotel room and watched four hours of standup. Fell asleep to the familiar sounds of Jim Gaffigan riffing on Mexican food. It was a great night.

Now, I’m just wishing I was already home. Today’s timetable is going to be pretty weird. I have about two hours left before I need to check out. I’m probably playing WoW until then. I should be writing on Sleeping Kings, but I can’t, for reasons I explained over there.

Then we’re grabbing lunch, driving into Detroit, and probably dropping off the car and going to the airport. I’m still not 100% on that, though. See…we only have one car, and it’s in my name. Laveta flies home at 3:00, so she needs to be at the airport at 2:00. I couldn’t get the same flight, so (as you know) I’m leaving at 7:00. So if I go ahead and go to the airport with Laveta, that puts me there four hours early. Blech.

I’d do it, just for simplicity’s sake, except it means that, come dinner time, I’ll be stuck at the airport. I hate airport food. Sure, yeah, it’s exactly the same as my favorite food when I’m not at the airport, but when I’m there, I hate it. Couldn’t tell you why.

I’ll probably just go to the airport, buy access to the wireless network there, and spend the afternoon writing or playing WoW. That’s what I expect. We’ll see what actually happens.

Have a great Saturday, people.