Journal Entry: June 22, 2006

It seems like all I talk about lately is Sleeping Kings. I guess I should feel bad about that, but…I dunno. I haven’t written in so long. And now, this story has me writing again, and remembering why I used to call myself a writer.

Let me tell you, it has nothing to do with my day job.

I once wrote, in a poem, “I write to make a perfect world with words.” That’s funny, under the current circumstances, since (as any of you reading Sleeping Kings knows) I’m in the process of destroying the United States. It’s really pretty miserable for everyone involved.

Trish’s…great second cousin (or something like that) passed away last weekend. She decided to go up to Wichita for the funeral, to be with her family (her Mom in particular). I didn’t really have the leave, and Trish didn’t feel it was crucial that I be there, so I stayed home and worked on Wednesday.

Tuesday night I mostly hung out with Kris and Nicki. We went to some Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner (I had a burger), and I spent the entire time talking about my story. I kept thinking, “Okay, enough, talk about something else.”

I didn’t, though.

So, yeah, same sort of thing is going on here, and I apologize. But, as then, I probably won’t actually change my ways. Sorry.

Also played some WoW with Kris on Tuesday, checked out the new content patch, and then watched Undercover Brother, which I’d gotten him for his birthday. That was a lot of fun. Lynchburg Lemonades helped. I don’t know where Kris learned to make them so well, but he does a fantastic job. Have him make you one sometime. Delish.

And yesterday I worked, and got a day ahead on Sleeping Kings for the first time, and spent all afternoon wanting to post the story I’d just written (the one that’s up there now, as today’s post). Knowing that I have readers actively following the story, it kills me that I have stuff written that I’m not sharing. I’ve got a lot of notes I wrote to myself about what’s going to happen in the story, long-term, and I keep wanting to share those, too, even though they’d be major spoilers.

I’m having to fight down the urge, all the time.

Y’know…I used to feel this way all the time. I don’t really know why I stopped writing. I have some suspicions, and none of them are things I can really control. Which is sad, because it means it could happen again, tomorrow or next week or a year from now. I love it when I’m writing, though. I want to keep it up.

Tonight, I’m going over to Kris’s to play some WoW with everybody (that being Graham, Jeff, Dad, and Kris, natch). Daniel’s not in the list because he’s in Europe, but I think you all knew that.

I’ve been having trouble caring about WoW lately. Kris has never played a lot, and he’s been even busier than normal lately. I’ve got all my characters I care about up to 60 (the level limit), and am close to getting some I don’t care about there, too. And I just don’t think I’d enjoy much of the stuff to do at the end-game. Also, I lost a massive amount of money (in-game) on what should have been a safe investment. So I’m broke, and don’t have much to do, and Daniel and Kris aren’t playing much.

I dunno. There’s still other reasons to play, but too often when I log into the game, I’ve just got nothing to do. So I log back out, but I’ve got nothing else to do. So I log back in. That’s most of my free time, for the last couple weeks.

I’m looking forward to Heroes of Might and Magic V, which might be out already. That could be fun, but I think it’s not an MMO, so I can’t see really getting into it. I’d still like to try Savage, but it came out just before WoW, and WoW distracted me, and by now it’s probably kinda outdated. I don’t really know of anything else on the horizon.

Life is weird. There’s so much, and then there’s so much. You look around, and it’s full of other new things, and they’re all familiar, but if you look close, they’re completely different.

I’m just sayin’, is all.