Journal Entry: June 29, 2006

Y’know how I once said that days off during the week have a ridiculously high chance of going bad?

I took the day off yesterday, mostly to hang out with Trish, partly (and specifically) because we had to go to a closing on the refinancing of our house. Well, that last bit was the part that went bad, this time. It was a tiny portion of the day, really, but it went really bad.

In other news, I saw a snake on the drive in to work this morning!

It was…I mean, massive. I work at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, which is this huge sprawling campus with dozens of buildings, connected with city streets (and way too many stop signs). I was already inside the gates, driving 25 mph down one of these connecting streets toward my building, and in the other lane I saw a huge snake slithering toward the curb. There’s a grassy area out there, and I assume it was heading for cover. I thought about turning around and running it over, but that seemed too cruel.

But…yeah. Big ol’ snake. Yeesh. And that’s my walking route, too, when I walk on my lunch break.

I have…well, at the moment I have three stories that I really want to tell: King Jason’s War, Sleeping Kings, and Faithful Jake. I don’t know if I’ll ever actually do a decent version of Faithful Jake. It seems like it might be too heavy for any kind of audience I could write it for. It strikes me as a powerful story, though.

I have about a dozen stories that I really want to write — the distinction being, these would be more fun for me, even if they’d be less valuable to my readers: The First Myth, Order Knight, Taming Fire and its sequels, someday. Taming Fire is done, after a third rewrite, and at this point I want to rewrite it again into something almost completely different. I’d almost be willing to drop it, like I did my sixth grade stories, but I want to do so much with the sequels, with Daven’s family down the line, and readers will probably want to know where he came from. On that note: The Rise and Fall of the FirstKing, or whatever I actually call it. Probably a three-book cycle, but maybe I’d make it one. Somewhere in with that, a book about the Dauric-Elven war, in which the FirstKing’s mother died, the city of Elspaur was ransacked, and the FirstKing’s ire was first awakened.

There’s also my sci-fi, which I’d like to pursue. I got permission to keep working on (and try to publish, even) the stuff I came up with for Eschaton, back in the day. I really liked the world I’d made, the different factions and the underlying mythos. I’ve got another story idea I like, in a much closer future, about human immortality and nanotech. That could be fun. And there’s the Twilight Zone story I mentioned the other day. The one with Idiene.

Is there anything else? I’d kind of like to rewrite The Poet Alexander someday (the story from which I got the username that I use for this blog, and used forever for all my email accounts). And my sixth grade stories…well, I lied when I said I’d dropped those. The story was originally called The Scorekeeper, and more recently The Watcher or maybe The Watcher of the Winds, but that gives entirely the wrong idea. And the focus has changed, considerably, since I first conceived the idea, so it’s no longer about the Watcher, but about the characters that he inspires to save the world. The…err…four characters, youngish, all with their lives suddenly interrupted, who go about trying to make the world a better place, in the midst of a terrible war….

Aww, man! That’s Sleeping Kings. I just noticed that. Grr. Well, but with more magic. And dragons. Which is probably why I gave up on it. It’s hard for me to write magic and dragons anymore, because the people I want to talk to are the ones who aren’t interested in that sort of thing. The doctor and the sick people, style of thing.

Anyway, those are some things.