Journal Entry: My Weekend In Review

I have just finished, through no fault of my own, a four-day weekend.

And when I say “through no fault of my own,” what I mean is that, left to my own machinations, it would have continued for at least one more day. Probably three.

I really love long weekends. Day off during the week? Oh, don’t even get me started on that. Days like that have a 70% chance of going bad. But long weekends are almost always good.

Mom and Dad stopped in OKC on their way home from a ski trip. We got to host them Thursday night and Friday. For any of you who don’t know, my parents play World of Warcraft. It’s awesome. I’ve never enjoyed family get-togethers more than I have in the last six months or so. Christmas was a LAN party. You can’t beat that.

They got in pretty late Thursday night. Knowing they’d be around on Friday, Jeff took off the day on Friday. I naturally have every other Friday off, and that happened to be mine, so we had a Senior Skip Day brewing from the start. I talked Kris into taking the day off, and Daniel — well, he couldn’t be there because he was working on homework. Yep. But the rest of us were free!


So we spent the afternoon Friday playing WoW. Kris promised his wife some real-life time Friday night, but the rest of us went over to Jeff’s place around 6:00 and continued playing WoW there.

Okay, I just realized the next two days of this story are all WoW, in one form or another, and the only people who care were there. So I’ll skip forward to Monday.

No, wait, Monday was mostly WoW too. What a weekend…. Anyway, I was forced (by way of warning light) to take my car in for repairs on Monday. Battery light had been on for about a week and a half, and all signs pointed to alternator. So Trish drove with me to the mechanic yesterday morning, we dropped off the car, and then she took me home and she headed to work.

Picked up the car this morning. Price was only $500, and the car runs better than it has since I got it. Err…I had a loose motor mount replaced, too, in case any of you are boggling at $500 for an alternator. Motor mount was most of the cost, actually, and entirely the reason it’s running better.

So, yay, my car doesn’t feel quite so much like a deathtrap now! Also, lots of WoW! Great 4-day weekend, and almost nothing accomplished. I did install a fan in the living room, which was most of my Saturday (and most of Kris’s). Other than that, nada.

Hope you had a good one. Now I’m back at work and looking at no long weekends for at least three weeks. Bah! Bah I say!

Oh well. Time to get back to it.