Journal Entry: Sketch Comedy Night

I had two dreams this morning that, upon later consideration, both ended with a punchline that really read like sketch comedy. I thought I’d share them with you, for a peek into a mind that is always trying to build stories, not just settle for simulated experience.

First, “Setting a Trap”:
Daniel and Trish and I are questing in World of Warcraft. Not playing World of Warcraft, mind. We’re in the game. We’re sneaking around in what feels like a fairly low-level area. At one point we’re huddled behind some brush and Daniel points to the open land just beyond.

“We’ve got to be careful here,” he says. “This whole area is rife with dangerous Druids, and Hippies, and Romantics. Any one of them could kill us. But that crossroads up there,” I look where he’s pointing and there’s a crossroads, with a single stop sign facing us. Just, a regular red stop sign like you’d see on any street in the U. S. Well, in Arkansas I should say, because it’s completely riddled with bullet holes.

Dan resumes, “That crossroads is a dangerous trap. Hunters come from miles around to camp this crossroads. They kill anyone who comes close.”

“What we need,” says I, “is a trap! Some way to take out our enemies, and get out of here.”

“Oh no!” groans Daniel, “What is she doing now?”

I look where he’s looking, and Trish is standing (all crouchy, like she’s trying to be stealthy) next to the sign. While we watch she finishes whatever she’s doing and comes back to us. We hold our breath the whole time, but she gets back to us unshot.

When she arrives, she smiles a big smile and says, “Well, that should solve all our problems! We’ll just lure all the Druids, and Hippies, and Romantics here, and let the Hunters take them out for us!”

So we look back at the stop sign, and she’s painted a butterfly and a little pink heart on it.

*wah waaaaah*

(Hey, I didn’t say any of it was good comedy.)

Second, “Art Theory”:
Trish and I are wandering through the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, looking at all the art and discussing Impressionism in general. I asked her about Impressionism in other media, starting with sculpture and she told me about some of the different techniques sculptors developed out of the basic ideas of Impressionism.

As we’re wandering down some long corridor, I ask her, “What about music? How do you get pastel colors into music?”

Trish thought about it for a moment, and said, “I don’t know, but I imagine it would sound something like John Mayer.”

Ah hahaha! Okay, that one had me laughing.