Sleeping Kings

Okay, I’m gonna give this a try again. So far, my average rate of progress on this storyline has been about one page per five months, so I’m not incredibly optimistic, but I’d sure love to get this story written.

The idea behind it was to write it serially — something I’ve tried before, but never really gotten any good at. Then again, now that I have a Xanga and can get comments and whatnot, maybe it’ll be easier to do.

To make it a (little) easier to read, I started a new Xanga just for that story. Add it to your Subscriptions! Feel free to post a comment every time you go check it, and see that there’s no new entry. Maybe that’ll get me going.

Also, feel free to comment on it. I understand Sir Walter Scott killed off a character about 2/3 of the way through Ivanhoe (which was also written serially) and got such outraged feedback from his readers that he had the character come back to life near the end, in what is one of the most delightful scenes in the story. So, yeah, I welcome feedback. I cannot be held responsible if some version of your ideas show up in the story, though, so consider anything you write subject to uncredited use.

That is all. Oh! And, because it’s Xanga, you have to click on Oldest and read backwards to get to the newest. If anyone knows how to reverse the post order, I’d love to hear it.