Journal Entry

Okay, I said I would make posts if anything big happened.

How is 25,000 words, for something big? Eh? Huh? Bwa-hah!

That’s right, I’ve got 25,000 words done on my National Novel Writing Month. The goal for that project is 50,000 words in one month. My goal for this particular novel is about 70,000 words. So I’m either 1/3 or 1/2 done with my month’s goal, and it’s only the 7th. No matter how you cut it, that’s awesome.

Gwyn and Dad and Heather are all doing it with me, and they’re doing an incredible job. I’m so impressed with everyone! We went to Little Rock last weekend to visit my parents, and Dad and I spent several hours every day writing together. He was having such a good time, and it was awesome to get to see his excitement. I’m enjoying playing the coaching role, too. Every other day I have a long talk with Heather or Dad, and I’m always putting together emails with general advice for everyone.

So, yeah, I’m having a good time.

On Friday, I’m having friends over for dinner and a movie, and Saturday, seems like Josh will be taking me to the OU game. That’s awesome. It’s making up to be an awesome November.

Hope everyone’s doing well. I’m off to write a couple more pages.