Journal Entry

Wednesday, October 3rd
Wednesday night, after supper, T– took AB to church. I went to Best Buy with D–, because…well, I left that bit out of Saturday’s story, but when he went to research his options on TVs, he picked the model and size he liked best, and then learned the Best Buy was offering it at a competitive price, and that they had a promotional package which included an XBox 360 for $100 off.

So he got that, but they were out of 360s on Saturday. Wednesday, the new shipment came in, so I ran up to Best Buy with D– and waited around while they made the necessary arrangements, then he picked up the console and Halo 3.

We took those to his apartment and got them hooked up. It was the first time I’d seen the TV set up in his place, and it’s a really nice one. We played some Halo 3, and it was quite awesome. I’m liking his current setup.

Anyway, that took until about 9:00. Then I went home and watched some TV with T–. That’s all for Wednesday.

Thursday, October 4th
T– spent some of the afternoon yesterday at my little sister’s place, making some cards. She was still there when I got home, so I went back to the office and played some Heroes. Around 6:00 she got home, and a few minutes later D– showed up with some buffalo wings for dinner. Awesome.

We spent most of the evening watching TV. We watched the last two episodes of Psych, which we’d missed, and 30 Rock, which was really good. Probably something else, too, but that’s all that comes to mind.

Then I stayed up late playing Heroes. It’s one of those turn-based games, where you’re constantly working on a long-term strategies (usually 3 or 4 different strategies at once, many of them that will take more than an hour to complete, game-time), end each turn only accomplished a small part of what you’re trying to do, and even if you do get to a milestone in one of your strategies, it’s probably when you’re about two turns away from another milestone in one of the others, so it’s hard to stop right then, and a 4-minute turn turns into a 4-hour session.

Just like Civ, for those who are thinking that. I think what I really enjoy about Heroes is that it’s not so much a Strategy game or Role-playing game, but a Logistics game. You don’t see a lot of those.

Anyway, yeah, I was up until midnight, but it was fun.