Journal Entry

Monday, October 1st
After our busy weekend, Monday was another pretty slow and restful evening at home. I pushed AB in her swing some, checked out my new grass in the back yard, and got violently bitten by a billion mosquitoes. No fun, that last bit.

I also finished my homework for the week, played a little bit of Heroes, watched Heroes and How I Met Your Mother with T–, and went to bed fairly early. It was a nice, quiet night.

Tuesday, October 2nd
Last night, as all Tuesdays recently, was mostly taken up by the marriage seminar. I got home around 5:15, talked with T– a bit, and went to my office to work on some things. Around 5:45 D– showed up to watch AB, and T– and I had supper, then ran out the door.

This session was our fifth class, out of nine. That’s still a month of classes left. Still…it’s probably a good thing.

After that, we ran by Blockbuster to return some movies, then we let D– go home. T– watched some Dr Phil, and I played some Heroes, and that took up the rest of the night.