Journal Entry

Big news for today is that I’m posting blogs on MySpace and Facebook now. I actually created accounts on both of those sites in order to search for E–‘s blog, which ended up being on Blogger. So, in its way, a big waste of time.

I probably do have enough friends from days long gone, who could track me down through one of these blogging sites if they wanted, that it could be worthwhile. Y’know, in its way. Creepily, or whatever. I did a little bit of mini-stalking today, finding out who’s where, but nothing too serious. I found most of the names I was looking for, really, with the sad exception of Michael Stohr. Really wish I knew where he was now. I might even send him an email, if I found him.

Anyway, it’s one of those, “I just saw Heat” sort of things. I signed up for MySpace and FaceBook and, would you believe it, they’re full of people I knew in my distant past and lost contact with! Yeah, yeah, I won’t go on anymore.

I’m going to try to cross-post all my blogs. Maybe just this one, actually. We’ll see how much work that is, and if I can trick Python into doing it for me. Chances are good I’ll end up giving up on that, but it might be fun for a while.

Oh! Also, I did find E–‘s blog, which is entirely in French (for some strange reason), and I was
delighted to learn that I can tell what she’s saying almost all the time. I didn’t realize my French was still up to that level. So, yay. I read backward a couple weeks. I was going to give a couple examples of things that I couldn’t translate right away, but I worked them out later in context, and, as she’s pregnant, they both happen to be pretty embarassing things, which she’s probably only blogging about because, y’know, it’s in French and no one can understand it.

So I’ll keep that to myself. She’s a pretty good writer, though. I’m impressed.

After work, T– and I packed the car pretty quickly, stopped by S–‘s to grab a travel-crib for AB, then hit the road for glorious Wichita. Better trip than usual, because T– spent it reading Harry Potter to me. Book 7, that is. We got through three chapters, which was pretty good with her also taking care of the baby.

About 8:00 we got into Haysville and checked in with the in-laws. Then I had about half an hour to set up my computer at John’s desk, because I’d promised my parents I would help them out in WoW tonight. While the in-laws watched Psych, I ran my mom and dad through Hellfire Plateau, and got Dad some major upgrades. So that went well.

Just finished, and I’m writing up this post, then I’m going to head to bed. Have a good weekend, all.