Journal Entry

Tuesday, July 24th
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if I had an ounce of self control, I’d be the perfect man.

Ugh. So, no, I didn’t walk last night and I didn’t post to Xanga, either. I did have a really fun evening, though.

Yesterday, as the blog post shows, I finished up the backstory for King Jason’s War (B28 and B29, the latter of which is the love story post). That still left eleven one-page vignettes to write, but I was able to get half of those done, too. So, in spite of a pretty unpleasant set of work projects (a couple of which were new, so I’ll be complaining about them for a while yet), I had a pretty good day at work.

I also went and picked up T–‘s birthday present while I was out — an iPod. She’s been wanting an mp3 player for ages now, and by all accounts the iPod is the best one out there, so there ya go. Only the best for my baby. Also (and this did not escape my notice), if she ends up getting bored with it any time soon, there is a commutative property that works out to “only the best for me,” and I’ve got no complaints about that.

Anyway, I’d convinced D– to watch AB for us so I could take T– out to a birthday dinner. Her parents are coming in this weekend to take us out somewhere nice to eat, so I recommended we pick somewhere nice to drink, while it was just the two of us, and get us some delicious margarita. We settled on Poblanos, which actually served both purposes. Delicious dinner, and a fantastic frozen margarita. Yumm.

Then afterward we went by Hobby Lobby to look at picture frames and check out the sales on scrapbooking stuff (hey, it was her birthday!), and then we called K– and N– to see if we could come over and watch Psych, in spite of the late hour. And then we called D– to see if it was okay for us to stay out a while longer. Oops. Anyway, AB had been good for him up until that point, so he said sure. Sucker!

Psych was a good one, and it was fun seeing K– and N– again. After that, we went back home to figure out iTunes and try out the new iPod. And, of course, that led to searching for some new music because the gigs and gigs of it we already have isn’t sufficient, and I got caught up in that and forgot to go for a walk or read any Harry Potter.

So, eleven o’clock rolled around and I finished listening to “Okie from Muskogee” or some nonsense, and then I just headed to bed and crashed. Tonight…tonight, maybe I’ll go for a walk. Maybe.