Journal Entry

I got six pages written at church. That finishes B19 (the “B” stands for “backstory” and refers to one of 30 6-page segments that take place in the narrative past — there are also 30 1-page vignettes that take place in the narrative present, and I have all but 6 of those done).

So I guess that’s 72 pages that I still need to write.

After church, we were walking out into the parking lot with K– and N– and the smell of Johnny’s Charcoal Grill was so overwhelmingly tantalizing that we couldn’t resist. So I had a delicious theta cheeseburger for lunch, and we shared a meal with good friends.

Then we came home and T– took a nap while I played some WoW. D– came over around 3:00, after he finished up at the gym, and then we three went to see Harry Potter while K– and N– oh-so-generously watched AB for us. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for that.

So, within the same weekend, we got to see the movie. Not as good as Transformers, but that would really be something of a stretch. Easily the best of the Harry Potter movies so far, though. My favorite book is the third, but this movie blows the third movie right away.

After the movie we had a slice of pizza at a New York-style pizzeria right across from the theater (at D–‘s insistence), and that was quite awesome. I pointed out that it would be an awesome place to go while drunk (there’s a handful of really cool bars in the neighborhood), and we noted that the restaurant is open until midnight, so that’s on the “someday” slate.

Then we picked up AB, and ended up back at home around 10:00. D– agreed to go for a walk with me, and we spent most of it discussing the writing project. I’m more and more impressed at the depth and detail the world is taking on. I can’t wait to get some of the real meat of it on paper. But, then, I’m also really enjoying the little glimpses the short stories give. I’ve gotten such positive feedback so far, and that just makes it so much easier to keep writing (even if negative feedback is more useful for the material itself).