Journal Entry: January 22, 2007

I probably ought to do a post on the birthing class that we’re taking, but I don’t feel up to it at the moment. I’m in a good mood, is why.

It’s not an unpleasant class…it’s just not much fun to spend nine hours at work, come home for an hour, and then spend three hours at a class. That pretty much counts as a day-not-had. Know what I mean? It’s certainly been a useful class — I’ve learned a lot, and I’m a lot less scared of the big day — but I wish it came in pill form, is what I’m trying to say. I guess.

Anyway, no, I’m going to do another snow-day movies post. Because we had another weekend like the last, except a lot more dramatic. In fact, it barely snowed at all. It rained, but it didn’t much snow. Even so, the weathermen had been predicting catastrophic levels of snow, and I don’t like to embarrass them, so I decided to stay locked up in my house all weekend anyway, and pretend.

So, once again, a lot of WoW and a lot of movies. Here’s your review:

Coneheads is pretty good. I’ve seen SNL movies before, but never one with this scale of participation. It seemed like they had three generations of the SNL cast (the whole cast) in that movie. Good stuff.
Employee of the Month is very good. That’s the Dane Cook movie. I’m a Dane Cook fan, but the movie was still better than I expected. Not amazing, not art — in fact, not anything new — but they did a good job with the genre.
John Tucker Must Die is very good. Same as above, but without Dane Cook. It’s basically Mean Girls and 10 Things I Hate About You. But they did a good job of it, and the sleezy guy is one of the most interesting variations on the sleezy guy character I’ve seen in one of these types.
Nanny McPhee is good. Trish told me I would like it, and I believed her. Still, ugly chick. It was an interesting Cinderella with a Series of Unfortunate Events feel. Maybe that was just the British kids, though.
Night Shift is awful. Don’t see it. 80s Michael Keaton movie (feat. the Fonz as well) about…umm…pimps working out of a morgue. Really not very good.
That Thing You Do is pretty good. Really the only non-Meg Ryan movie that I like Tom Hanks in. Fun, uplifting, and that was back when whatsername was cute.
The Devil Wears Prada is pretty okay. I kinda hated her boyfriend, and he’s supposed to be the touchstone of goodness in the movie, so whatcha gonna do?
The Dukes of Hazzard is okay. Meh. I never watched the show. The movie was fun, but it was 2 AM and I’d had half a cup of vodka, so I’m not really recommending.
Jarhead does a good job of what it’s trying to do. Don’t watch it. As a piece of art, it was impressively realized, but I can’t think of anyone I like who I would recommend this movie to.
Say It Isn’t So is not good. Heather Graham’s pretty hot, but not really worth watching the movie for. I probably should have known that from the synopsis, but it seemed like it could be funny.
Mallrats is pretty good. Watched it in high school, and missed a lot of the storyline. It was fun watching it again after seeing Clerks, so I had a better idea what to expect. Better than I remembered.