Journal Entry: July 6, 2007

Just back from my walk. It was invigorating.

Today was slow, and mostly uneventful. We had a meeting at work, and I’m relinquishing some of the authority I’d been given last fall (with no pay to supplement it), so that I can resume control of the IETM project that had been canceled in the spring.

Things are in flux, it is safe to say.

When I got home from work, I spent some time playing with AB. T– made some delicious spaghetti for dinner, then I played some Civ (I’m close to a win, on the game I started Tuesday) while she started watching The Dead Zone. I’ve got the first four episodes, and over the course of the night she’s watched three of them.

At nine she reminded me to go for a walk. I spent the whole time working on a short story for my project with D–. I’m having some trouble with it (as I knew I would), but at the very least I have a pair of scenes that I think are pretty involving. I’m just not convinced that, between them, they make up a whole story. I certainly have a beginning and middle, but I’m not sure about an end.

We’ll see what happens when I get into it. I’m tempted to start on it now, but I’d be up for hours. I’ve had enough late nights this week. Besides, sitting on a story for a little while is always more likely to help it than hurt. I think I’ll head to bed.