Journal Suspension

I know you’re all going to be heartbroken about this, but for the next month, I’m going to stop trying to post a daily record of events.

As my dad put it, I’m throwing a lot of irons into the fire, over the next five weeks, and the biggest one is enough to take up all my free time anyway. So posting here about days where I basically did nothing isn’t a high priority on my list of available activities.

I’ll still try to post if anything interesting happens, and I’ll probably end up writing a bunch about my projects as I work on them, but I’m going to drop the pretense of doing this as a diary.

That said…I had a really good weekend. We got to visit B– and E–‘s place again last Thursday, then Friday night we went to a party with the young married couples from church, and it wasn’t horrible. Saturday I helped K– clean out his garage, then watched AB while T– scrapped, and yesterday we spent most of the afternoon and evening with D– and K– and N–. It was a lot of fun.

Today, I’m skipping work because my cold has lingered, and though I’ll probably be in good working condition by early afternoon, T– was going to hire a babysitter for that time, so I’ll just stay home all day and get some stuff accomplished.

Have a good November.