Journal Entry

Wednesday night is really my night off (apart from making the arrangements to work out dinner). Now that I’m trying to do six days a week at the gym, Wednesday is my day off, so that alone is a pleasant break. I also get a nice dinner out with friends (as discussed previously), and then T– takes the baby to church, and I spend an evening hanging out with D–, or just working on some project of my own at home. By the time AB gets home, she’s ready for bed and T– and I usually watch a show or two before bed (if I didn’t go somewhere with D–). It’s a break, and it helps me make it to the weekend as often as not.

Last night, a few minutes after I got home (and with dinner plans already in place), I glanced up from where I was reading on the couch, and said, “Is that the tornado sirens?” It was only a faint wail, but given the weather, it seemed worth checking out. We turned on the news and called AB away from the windows, and saw angry red and orange radar patterns growling along directly above our house, with lots of talk of rotations and a tornado spotted on the ground about a mile and a half to the south.

So, we turned the volume up really loud and went to hide in our hallway, using the babygate to lock AB in with us, and waited. Really, by the time we had the babygate set up, the storm was past (it was really moving), but we waited and listened for ten minutes or so, until it had gotten out to I-35 way east of us, and then we took down the gate and got on with our evening.

There were limbs down and a couple power flickers, but apart from that nothing really exciting. The storms passed right between our place and K– and N–‘s, though, and by the time it was clear for them to head that way, it was too late for them to make it to Freddy’s for dinner and still have time for church, so we switched to Arby’s instead. Not even close, in terms of deliciousness, but it was much faster, and we all managed to get together.

After that, the churchers went a-churching, and D– and I went home to play some MarioKart Wii. We’re working on unlocking all the unlockable content, which means playing Single Player mode, and it also means, at times, spending a lot of time frustrated trying to get past really challenging races. I finally finished one that had been plaguing us ever since he picked up the game (Flower Cup on 100cc, bikes only), but it took about two hours of doing. Not so much fun.

Still, it was a good night, and when I finally completed the race, I completed it with the highest rank possible, so we’ll never have to do it again (on that difficulty setting, or on bikes). So there’s that. Definitely a sense of accomplishment, anyway.

Then in the middle of that T– brought home ice cream from Braum’s, and after I beat the level we watched an old episode of Lost, and then, inexplicably, I stayed up an extra hour and a half to finish off the novel I was reading, before finally heading to bed around midnight.

It was a good night.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.