Journal Entry

I keep labeling these “Journal Entry” because, in theory, it’s possible for me to log onto my blog one day and write something other than a mundane description of what I did yesterday (which was, in almost every case, also what I did the day before).

Since I don’t ever actually do that (writing something else, I mean), it makes the little link list on the right look pretty damned silly. Sorry about that.

One project I’ve been considering working on is building a script to scrape all my blog posts off my old Xanga and post them here, timestamped for their original posting. It should be easy enough, but it would take me a big time investment to get it working smoothly, and I’d probably want to do that so I could share it with others.

So, yeah, dunno if I’ll ever actually do that. I kind of plan to let my Xanga site wither, though, and it would be nice to keep access to a lot of the stuff I wrote there. Blogger seems like it has better archiving tools, too. So, yeah, maybe I will do it. Someday.

I’d also really like to write up a clear explanation of my idea of Science as “The Cannibal Magic.” I’ve been working on the concept a lot lately, and I think I could do the idea justice, but it would help to link back to some of my old essays instead of just repeating everything.

Anyway, yesterday I did what I did the day before. Got a lot done at work, accomplished some programming over lunch, and then went to the gym and then watched TV and worked on my game until bedtime. The big difference was that “worked on my game” last night consisted of looking at pictures of dragons all over the internet for four hours straight. I may end up using three of them. It wasn’t terribly productive.

Also, I’m strongly tempted to ask, “What is the deal with all the naked ladies hanging out with dragons?” Except, as a student of literary symbolism, I know exactly what the deal is. Still, you’d think we’d gotten past that by now. One glance at the internet, though, proves no.