Journal Entry

Okay, it’s done. They’re here. My blog is now 232 posts more content-rich.

I’ve got at least a week’s work ahead of me, double-checking them all and adding tags, but it will be fun work. I always enjoy reading through my old material, even when it’s just diary stuff.

So…hmm. Let me start with this. Whenever T– goes over to someone’s house for the first time (and more so back when she was just out of college), and they know she’s an interior designer, the first thing they say is along the lines of, “Oh, god, you must think this place looks terrible.”

Not because T– puts on superior airs or anything. It’s just a common response to specialists. Anyway, that’s always been kind of a sore spot for T–, because she doesn’t walk into a house and just immediately start judging it. She can look with a critical eye when she’s working (or someone asks her advice), but she’s not in that mode all the time.

I’m exactly the same way with reading. I don’t read through every book I pick up looking for the mistakes, unless I’m specifically working on editing that book. Sometimes bad story elements will jump out at me, but they should for anyone who regularly reads (or watches) stories.

So, lately I’ve been reading The Cat Who books, as I think I’ve mentioned, but I’d put that on hold to do the markup of Dad’s novel. Now, obviously, while doing the markup I was in editor mode, and since I finished that and picked up the next Cat Who book, I’ve noticed it hasn’t gone away. I read every sentence in the book and think how I would rearrange or rewrite it to make the verb stronger.

It’s rather distracting. The book isn’t awful (although the writing is kind of weak), but I’ve gotten in the habit of giving advice and now it’s kind of got me in its grip. I’m just glad I’m not reading one of my favorite authors at the moment, because that could be depressing.

Anyway, yeah, yesterday I read a couple chapters of The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern over lunch, picked up AB from E–‘s after work (because T– had spent the day working in Tulsa), and then completely decided to skip the gym. I’d done my running on Monday, and I just didn’t feel like going.

Instead, I hit the mall and picked up some new running shoes (that I’ve been meaning to get for a couple months now), then had dinner with T– and watched an old episode of Lost, and then headed over to D–‘s place to check out Age of Conan, the new MMO. It’s pretty dang sweet.

I got home late, and got up late this morning because of it. Still, way worth it.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.