Journal Entry

I couldn’t sleep last night.

We went to the gym after work, then grabbed some dinner to-go and went over to K– and N–‘s place for a little bit. AB was better than usual, and it was a fun hour or so.

I also sent E– an email asking for her help with a project, and I wrote the whole thing in French. I’m not about to promise it was good French (for one, I figure every single noun and adjective probably had the wrong gender), but it got the point across. So, cool.

Anyway, we spent the evening watching TV while I worked on my game. Then ten o’clock rolled around, I headed to bed, and couldn’t sleep at all. When I did fall asleep, I’d wake up a few minutes later. Around three in the morning I got up and set my alarm for six instead of five (planning to skip my morning jog). When it went off at six I hit the snooze button once, and then turned it off altogether.

I’ve been having a lot of sleep issues lately. I’m not sure why. I have some guesses, but I don’t like them, so I’m trying to convince myself that I just don’t know why.

But, yeah, I skipped the morning at work. Got up about nine, had breakfast, went for a jog after all, had lunch, and then came in to work.

Still no word on the Tulsa house, as far as I know. I’ll keep you posted, though.