Journal Entry

I couldn’t get it done.

I even left work early to make sure I had time to pick up all my supplies and get started before dinner.

I got home from Lowe’s at 4:00, thinking, “Wow, I’ll have time to get the whole project done before dinner!”

I was wrong. I spent the whole evening working on it, and when K– and N– came over after church, I had just made my first real breakthrough since I’d started at 4:00. K– and I together made a second discovery, which gave me most of the information I need to finish the job. I think.

I also spent about $85 on the project so far, and all of that is completely useless to me. Much of it can be returned (I hope), but that gives you an idea how much I thought I knew I was doing, and how many trips to Lowe’s I ended up making. The whole project, finished, should cost less than $30, and right now I still have to go buy all the parts I’ll actually need.

We did manage to get the pieces put back together, though, so I was able to turn the water back on last night. Small mercy, that. I’ll take another stab at fixing it over the weekend sometime.

After I’d gotten done with that, D– came by and asked if I could go out for a couple drinks. He’d had a worse day than I did (by far). We both needed it. So we dropped over to The Dugout and had beers and talked until about midnight. I was up for another hour after that, taking care of things that I hadn’t had a chance to do in the afternoon with all my focus on the plumbing problems, so I was totally beat by the time I crawled into bed.

And, y’know, I always hate that alarm clock going off at 5:45, but today was worse than most. Ugh.

Tonight I’ve got a trip to the gym, and then I think I’l probably go home and crash. I’ve been dragging all day, but I’ve got to get in my reps and sets. That’s just how it goes.

Stupid Thursdays….