Journal Entry

Amazingly enough, there has been more going on in my life than just the mess with the Tulsa house. I’m not sure how I keep up with it all, but I do.

I’m making slow but steady progress on Sleeping Kings: Golden Age. The characters are at 50 Penn Place now, which means I’m into the climax of the story. The whole second half of the book is handwritten so far — I haven’t started transcribing any of it — but I’m nearing completion of the draft and then I’ll start typing.

I quit playing WoW about a month and a half ago. My account officially ended on the first of April, but I was done playing at the beginning of March. I’m anxious for a new MMO for me to waste massive portions of my life on, but it’s just not here yet. WoW can’t hold my attention anymore, thuogh.

I started programming a game, and that’s been pretty fun. I also started reading again. In the last week I’ve finished Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, Everything Bad is Good for You by some neuroscientist dude, Grammar Snobs are Great Big Meanies by the grammar lady, Born Standing Up by Steve Martin, and the first three books of the Myth series by Robert Asprin.

I’ve done some work around the house, too. It’s frustrating to me going up to Tulsa over and over again and putting in all the effort for a house we don’t even live in. We can’t afford to redo a bathroom or put in new carpets, but I’ve been motivated to fix some little things that have been nagging. I worked on our garage door opener (loose wire), finally replaced the bulbs in our garage overhead light (fluorescent, and they’d been dead for over a year), started getting our lawn treated to kill off bugs and weeds, and swapped out our broken kitchen sink faucet for one that will actually work (and, as it happens, is really nice). I’m going to take a shot at fixing the bathtub faucet again, even though last time I tried was a miserable, devastating failure. Who knows? Maybe this time it’ll turn out better.

There’s not a lot to report on the baby front. She’s making more use of her words, but not really talking yet. She nods when she means yes, and if you hold up two objects (books, toys, pairs of pajamas, whatever) she can pick which one she wants. She got four molars at once (well, “is getting”), and that’s a little bit brutal on everyone living in the house, but once it’s done she can stop chewing all her food at the front of her mouth, and that should be better for everyone.

We refinanced our mortgage on the Oklahoma City house, and caught some good breaks on that. It’ll definitely help us out financially, especially with everything going on in Tulsa.

Oh. I’m still going to the gym regularly. I guess I wasn’t blogging in January when we started, but we joined a gym January 20th, and I’m going three days a week ever since. I’ve missed more than a handful, but I’m pretty well set in my routine. I’ve only lost 9 pounds at best, but I’m definitely seeing improvements in my endurance and strength training, so hopefully I’ll see more weight loss in the coming months.

I think that gets you all caught up. I haven’t blogged any since November, but not a lot has happened, either. So there you go.