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Friday after work I decided to mow the lawn for T–, so she wouldn’t have to worry about it when she came home. I didn’t want to feel all woozy and drugged out during my workout, though, so I didn’t take a Benadryl. Instead, I had an allergy attack during my workout.

I went ahead and did the full hour, though. As I do on Cardio days, I started with my jog, then went to the elliptical for the second half-hour. I was supposed to be on the third (and final) day of week two from my jogging program, but you’ll recall that I skipped the second day of it to try out the spinning class.

Turns out, that wasn’t really a problem. The first day of week two felt impossible, and I remember thinking, “These guys are crazy, if they think someone can progress in that big of steps.” But, then, on Friday I was thinking, “Wow, this is almost easy.” So that was pretty cool.

I start week 3 on Tuesday. Would’ve been yesterday, but I was driving back from Wichita.

Anyway, after I finished at the gym, I met up with K– and N– and D–, and we headed to Louie’s on the Lake for dinner, but the place was packed. We checked every table, and there wasn’t one free. So, after some discussion, we decided to head down to Joe’s Crab Shack. I had steak.

Afterward, we went back to K– and N–‘s place to watch some stand-up on Comedy Central. We were all exhausted, so around 10 when N– decided she was ready for bed, we were all ready to agree. Except maybe for D–, but he didn’t put up much argument. He headed home, and I crashed at their place, for a couple reasons.

First, it’s much closer to the gym. I woke up Saturday morning at 7 and ran up to the gym for my regular workout, and then went back to the house for a quick shower, and got on the road to Wichita. Their place is almost half an hour closer to Wichita, too.

The drive isn’t too bad, and I spent the whole trip listening to Eddie Izzard’s stand-up, so that was fun. I got to T–‘s parents’ place in time for lunch (tacos), and then grabbed a half-hour nap on the couch before we were sent out on errands to help with wedding preparation.

We got some food and stuff at Wal-Mart, then dropped it off at the reception hall and helped set up tables and whatnot. Then around 4 we ran home, got dressed in our finest, and went back up to the wedding.

The ceremony was outdoors, and it was just a perfect day for it. It was a quick wedding, too, and the reception was held right there at the site. Much less hassle than most weddings.

The reception only last a little over an hour, too. Afterward we helped clean up, and then went back home to watch some TV and generally veg out.

Sunday morning, I slept in. T–‘s parents have an exercise bike, but I was not about to try to use that thing. I woke up late, snacked on some fruits and veggies leftover from the wedding, and played with AB while we all waited for lunchtime to roll around.

John grilled up some chicken and burgers, and they had about half the wedding party over for lunch (a typical Charboneau Sunday, that). Lunch was delicious, and then afterward we gathered to watch the bride and groom open all their gifts, and right after that T– was ready to head home.

We got in around 4:15, unpacked the cars, watched last week’s Lost, and then ended up grabbing some Taco Bell for dinner and watching a bunch of season 2 Lost, and that was the whole evening.

It was fun. The weekend just flew by, but it was a pretty pleasant one. I can’t say I’m ready to be back at work, though. Alas.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

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