Journal Entry: August 12, 2008

Yesterday I got home from work to find AB burning up. It was terrible. She had a huge fever, and she hates getting her temperature taken (which is pretty odd, as it’s a fairly casual process with modern baby thermometers).

Anyway, we canceled our plans for the gym, because she was in no shape to go. I was pretty glad of it myself, because I spent all day yesterday walking crooked, so half an hour on the treadmill sounded like too much of a challenge.

Instead we ate leftovers and watched Sesame Street with AB. D– came over and we played Civ for most of the evening, too. It was a quiet one, but fun.

Then this morning I had an annual physical. While I was there I requested physical therapy and they filed the paperwork, so now I’m waiting to hear back from the clinic to schedule the actual sessions. I couldn’t do blood work because I’d had a protein shake for breakfast, but everything else looked perfect. So at least there’s that. If I can just get past the backache, I’ll be in pretty good shape.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.