Journal Entry: August 19, 2008

My life feels…weird when I’m not addictively playing a video game.

I suppose I should get to that point with my writing, where I’m sitting up all evening at home working on Sleeping Kings while I watch CSI with T–, or whatever, but that takes a lot more focus. For me, video games are about winding down, after a day spent dealing with people at work.

Anyway, that’s all old discussion. Yesterday I went to the gym after work, and spent 45 minutes on the treadmill. My physical therapist said I could do anything that wasn’t directly painful, so I may go ahead and start working on strength training again, sooner than I’d intended. I don’t want to do anything to slow my recovery (because it’s already been a ridiculous percent of forever), but 45 minutes on the treadmill is dull. I’m not jogging, even. I get up to a 4 mph walk, but that’s just enough to make my feet hurt without really feeling challenging.

So, yeah. I’ll go back to arm and chest workouts, anyway. I might do them sitting instead of standing, but at least I’m doing something.

And that’s probably way more than you wanted to know about my infrequent workouts, but it’s what’s on my mind. After the gym last night, we played with AB for a while, and T– made some fantastic quesadillas, and then we watched The Wedding Singer. Neither of us had seen it in a while, and my computer’s recent demise rather limited our options, so there ya go.

It was pretty fun. I enjoyed it, although I can probably go another eight years before watching it again. No big deal.

After that I turned on an episode of New Adventures of Old Christine, because it was the only thing new on the TiVo (and, as it happened, a rerun we both remembered), and did some chores while we chuckled at the jokes. Then I went to bed early, but couldn’t sleep because I’d had a nap right after work. I stayed in bed, though, because what else was there to do? I’m sure I drifted off well before midnight.

And then I came into work on time today, and T– went to Tulsa for work, and N– is watching my baby even as we speak. Thank the Lord for good friends. I mean that.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.