Journal Entry: August 28, 2008

I still sometimes type 19- at the beginning of the date before remembering we’re in the 2000s. Three times this week, in fact. Oops.

Anyway, last night we went to Taco Cabana for dinner, and K– and N– met us there. D– and I had to skip out early so I could get him to the airport for a business trip. He’s spending today and tomorrow in Denver, learning how to Microsoft a Microsoft in the Microsofting Microsoft. I dunno. I don’t pay attention when he talks.

After I dropped him off, T– and AB were still at church, so I busted out the Rock Band and started working on my form. I read through a couple articles yesterday with advice either from real drummers on how to play Rock Band, or advice on how to become a real drummer (or at least start the process) using Rock Band. Either way, I learned how to stand on the bass drum pedal without killing my foot, and that was important.

I also went ahead and started playing through the solo game on Medium difficulty. I had gotten “good enough” at the Easy difficulty, and I figured moving up sooner would just make me learn faster. Then I spent some time regretting that decision, and then before the end of the night I was actually keeping up with some of the complicated mixture of high hat, bass drum, and tempo snare stuff that they were throwing at me.

And actually by “end of the night” there, I really mean, “by the time T– and AB got home, and K– and N– dropped by with them,” which was only about 40 minutes later. So that’s pretty good. Of course, AB crawled up into my lap in the middle of some song by The Clash and just wrecked my score and got me booed offstage, but she was adorable doing it, so what’s there to complain about? After she went to bed I got four stars on it.

T– and I played for a while, but she called it quits a little before ten so I went ahead and played through the rest of the second tier of songs (the Amsterdam set, I think it was), and I’ve got 4 stars on all of the 12-16 songs I’ve played so far on Medium. I think that’s pretty good. By the end of the night I was doing way better than I had at the beginning, too. So that’s awesome.

Also, that’s my whole night. I went to bed around 11, and then woke up and came to work.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.