Journal Entry: August 4, 2008

Friday evening was interesting. I got home from work early enough for T– to get to her crop on time, but she was concerned because Granddad hadn’t made it in yet (he and Mom and Dad were coming in for my niece’s birthday). With her permission, I went and grabbed a snowcone (which I’d skipped in a generous sacrifice to allow her to get to the crop on time), while she waited for Granddad.

By the time I got back, friends and family were already on their way to the crop, so T– went on up to meet them. Shortly after I got a call from Granddad saying he was in Yukon (so, about a half hour away), and I gave him directions. Turned out he’d been caught behind a major accident and lost nearly two hours on his drive.

Jeff came over with his girls (and I had AB), and Dad came, so among us we had quite a party going. At Dad’s request I made up cheese dip and salsa, and he picked up a couple of Little Caesar’s pizzas, and we talked and ate for several hours while the girls happily trashed the house. D– came over, a little later, and joined in the conversation (and the dinner).

Around 9:30 Jeff decided the girls needed to get to bed (AB had already been asleep for an hour), so he drove Dad home, and D– left at the same time. Granddad and I sat up talking for another hour or so, then I started cleaning up the house for T–, and he headed to bed. When T– got in a little after midnight, I was playing Civ on the couch. She showed me her pages (six in one night!), then we headed to bed.

Saturday morning I slept in and T– made some amazing cinnamon rolls. My sister called to postpone the birthday lunch by half an hour, so I took advantage of the time to run a few errands. I got some refills on one of my back medications, deposited a check, and picked up T–‘s other birthday present. Then I went home and picked up Granddad and the girls, and we headed north to Ted’s Cafe Escondido (my sister’s favorite Mexican place).

Lunch was fun. I spent most of it talking to Dad and my sister about their writing projects, becasue I was down at that end of the table. Afterward, we took Granddad back home, and Mom and Dad came to spend a little time with us before heading back. When Granddad found out they were leaving so soon, he decided to head home, too, so they could drive the first half of the trip together.

D– came over while they were there, and we had some fun talking, but too soon they left. Then D– and I finished our most recent game of Civ, which took five or six hours. His Mom showed up at some point while we were playing, and expressed her shock and dismay that we could spend so much time just playing video games. Whatever.

Sunday morning, we went to church with K– and N–, then headed to Souper Salad for lunch. Afterward, K– and N– went home to take naps, and I went home to edit my little sister’s novel. I got through the second chapter. Editing creative works, I’ve found, I can do about 10 pages an hour. That means this book is going to take me about 27 hours of work. Yeesh. When you factor in Dad’s and Heather’s this year (not to mention my own stuff), that’s a lot of editing work in my free time.

A little after 5:00 we headed to Edmond. First we checked on the car at the mechanics, to see if there was any way we could drive it home (nope — they had it behind a locked gate to make sure they got paid), then we went up to K– and N–‘s and rode with them to our Small Groups meeting.

It was packed. The little house was full to bursting. Dinner was hamburgers and chili dogs, with all the best chips and cake with homemade ice cream for dessert. It looked wonderful, but I was feeling awful, so I didn’t eat anything. Actually, all I really had to eat yesterday was a packet of jellybeans. Ugh.

After dinner, we had a devo and lesson, and it was 9:30 before we got home. I did the dishes and T– took care of some business stuff, and then we went to bed. That was my weekend.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.