Journal Entry: December 22, 2008

So I spent some time whining about my situation last Thursday, and instead of complaining you all gave an outpouring of sympathy and encouragement. What can you say about such guys? You’re all awesome.

I went home Thursday night and talked with T–, and got permission to really take it easy over the weekend (I had a Regular Day Off on Friday, so it was a long weekend), and over the upcoming holiday. Sort of a week and a half of Father’s Days. Something along those lines.

Anyway, I did. I was up late Thursday night, but I didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about it, because I didn’t really have any demands Friday morning. I got up, played some WoW, maybe watched a movie with AB in the afternoon (while I was messing around on a laptop), then watched the new Muppet Christmas Special with T– in the evening. We ordered some pizza, and I played some more WoW.

I called it quits at 11:00, and got a good night’s sleep. T– was surprised how early I got up on Saturday (although it wasn’t until 8). I spent the morning same as Friday. Then around 11:00 we tried to get some Christmas pictures with AB that did not go well. After that, I took her with me to pick up some lunch and left T– to sort through the wreckage of our photoshoot.

After lunch, T– went out Christmas shopping and AB went down for a nap. I played some more WoW (big surprise), and then at 2:30, when T– got home, I headed over to K–‘s place. We went to the gym — basically my first time back there in six months — and did forty minutes of strength training and twenty of cardio. I’d intended to do the opposite, but that was mostly because I didn’t expect to be able to handle much strength training. Instead, I did almost exactly the same workout I was doing back in June. That surprised me, and it’s pretty encouraging. When I was in Chicago (back in October), I spent some time in the hotel gym and learned I wasn’t too far behind on the cardio, too. So that’s pretty much all my good excuses demolished. I need to get back, and regularly.

Anyway, N– was working all day Saturday, so after the gym K– and I played Gears of War through to the end of the second act. Then she got home, and we invited T– and D– to join us for Jason’s Deli for dinner. That had to be at K– and N–‘s house, because the Cowboys game on Saturday evening was only showing on the NFL network, and among those three households, K– and N– are the only ones with access.

Dinner was awesome, the game was not.

Sunday morning we went to church, then came home and had leftover pizza for lunch. I played a little in the afternoon, then the Huddlestons came over a little bit before 5:00. Bill and D– hung out at my place for an hour or so, and we turned on the Falcons/Vikings game because it had playoff implications for the Cowboys. And, y’know, because three dudes in a living room need to have a football game on, if they’re not playing video games.

Meanwhile, the womenfolk went to North Pole Village or something of the sort to get pictures of AB playing with Christmas stuff. I guess it went better than our Saturday shoot. At 6:00 we met them at Irma’s for dinner (awesome), and then they all came back to our place for desserts and drinks, and we exchanged gifts and watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Everybody left at 10:15, and I was in bed by 10:30. I was probably asleep by 11.

All told, I had a pretty relaxing weekend. I certainly feel more rested than I have in about a month. If I can keep the same sort of pace for the next week, I may just be back up to normal by the time the new year rolls around.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.