Journal Entry: July 10, 2008

Today, it is six months since we joined the gym. In that time I’ve lost about 16 pounds, increased weights on my core workout three times, and increased my maximum sustained sprint (by which I mean jog) from about 12 seconds to about 5 minutes.

This weekend I’m shaving the beard, because six months ago I didn’t have one, and I want to compare my appearance with some Christmas photos — see if I’ve made any visual improvements.

Obviously, that weight loss number is a lot smaller than I would like. I pulled some muscles and hurt my back a couple weeks ago, working in the yard in Tulsa, and so I’ve been taking it pretty slow since then. I’ve also relaxed my rules on sweets a bit too much, so I’m working on getting back to no more than one a day.

And, of course, I need to keep up my gym schedule. I really don’t feel like going tonight, but I suspect I will. It’s just laziness, after all.

Anyway, last night after work I got home and received my new Logitech Harmony 880 remote. It’s a spiffy universal remote modeled after the TiVo controller, and designed to make complicated home theater setups like ours easy to use. I’m just hoping AB doesn’t hide it somewhere we can’t find it (as she’s done with two XBox remotes so far).

For dinner we met at Subway. My little sister brought her family, and D– drove with us, and we met K– and N– there, so we pretty much filled the little restaurant. The sandwiches were good, though. First time I’ve been to Subway in about a month.

Afterward, while everyone else went to church, D– and I drove over to B– and E–‘s. He asked us to bring some milk, as he was on his way to pick up Kahlua in the hopes of making White Russians. Naturally we obliged, and he repaid us by pouring many, many, many White Russians for us (in spite of frequent demands that he not).

We had a good evening, lots of talking about old things. It was about 11:00 when I got home, and then T– was feeling chatty so I was up until midnight (mostly talking about vampires). When she finally let me go to sleep, I drifted off right away, so at least there was that.

I did not feel great when I woke up this morning, though. I can tell you that for sure.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.