Journal Entry: July 31, 2008

Tuesday night, T– volunteered to help with an event at church, so I stayed home to take care of AB. I made up her dinner, and then D– showed up with some dinner for me — a turkey sandwich from Jersey Mike’s. Awesome.

T– got home around 8:30 and put AB to bed, and D– and I started up a game of Civ. We finished our previous game (U. N. victory before we had a chance to go to war with Hannibal). I set up our second game wrong, so even though we had an amazing starting map (flowing with milk and honey, as it were), we ditched it to fix the broken settings with a new game.

We were up until after midnight playing. Ugh.

Yesterday I left work early to go to an MRI. It went really well. We spent maybe 10 minutes in waiting rooms, and then the tech came to get me (he wouldn’t let T– come along). He took down all my symptoms, and then put me in the machine for twenty minutes.

I was pretty doped up on my medicine all day yesterday, so it was easy enough to lie still for twenty minutes. At one point, while I was inside the machine, I started idly wondering what it would be like to be claustrophobic, and then I started imagining it, and then I could see so clearly how a claustrophobic person would react to that awful tube, and I just almost worked myself into a panic attack. I managed to remember that I’m not actually claustrophobic, though, and talked myself back out of it.

Afterward, we met D– and K– and N– and my little sister’s family at Qdoba for dinner. It was pretty good, in a Moe’s kind of way. We were there until almost 7:30, then D– brought me home and we played Civ until 10. This new game is going very well. I trashed the English, and now D–‘s going to take over the Holy Roman Empire. And after that, the world.

We watched the pilot of a show called Mad Men while T– was at church, and it’s pretty good. More drama than I usually watch, but good. Once T– got home we switched to Boston Legal and that ran until bedtime.

T– also made some new curtains for our bedroom yesterday, and they look really nice. It brings some color to the room. I’m impressed how much of a difference they made.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.